Shameless Season 10 is now streaming on Netflix

Shameless Season 10 is now available to stream on Netflix

Shameless has found much success on Showtime over the years, but many fans (like myself) discovered the show through its availability on Netflix. If you’re one of those fans who anxiously waits longer to view new episodes, then you’re in luck. Shameless Season 10 has officially arrived.

Season 10 marks the first without the beloved Fiona Gallagher after Emmy Rossum left the show to pursue other projects. When we last saw the eldest sister, she quite literally took her money and ran after realizing she can start over outside of Chicago, away from her messy family and lifestyle.

As for the rest of the Gallagher gang, Lip is preparing for the arrival of his baby boy, while Ian is still serving time alongside Mickey. Debbie is prepped and ready to take over as head of the household with Fiona gone and Frank is recovering from his latest health issue, a leg injury. Carl continues to navigate his post-military life, while Liam is growing up and learning more about his identity.

Without their older, protective sister around to keep them in line, we’ll get to see the siblings figure out what it’s like to be responsible for their own actions. Make no mistake, though, Frank will still find a way to meddle in everyone’s business for his own interests. Will his lifestyle finally catch up to him, or is the Gallagher patriarch truly, shamelessly invincible?

Shameless Season 10 brings more laughter, memories, and plenty of emotions with new chapters for everyone, including extended family members Kevin and Veronica. This batch of 12 episodes will serve as the beginning of the end with Season 11 confirmed to be the last.

The age-old adage of “the more things change, the more they stay the same” will prove to be more true than ever for Chicago’s most dysfunctional family. Take look for yourself by watching the official trailer:

Are you excited to stream Shameless Season 10 on Netflix? If this is your second time around, what are you looking forward to reliving? Sound off below!

All episodes of Shameless are now streaming on Netflix.