Emmys 2020: All our questions for the Academy after Rhea Seehorn was snubbed… again

Rhea Seehorn was snubbed by the Emmys yet again

Rhea Seehorn is consistently one of the best and brightest actors on television, but the Academy refuses to see that. Why? How? We ask the tough questions.

For the five seasons that Rhea Seehorn has been portraying Kim Wexler on Better Call Saul, she has been doing some of the best acting work on TV. As a foil to Bob Odenkirk’s Jimmy McGill (eventually Saul Goodman), Kim Wexler represents a big, tantalizing question mark in the world that lies between Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad.

Viewers are obsessed with her, with top critics penning articles about the “impending tragedy” of her character and about how she is the MVP of the series overall. Hidden Remote even sung her praises as the indelible anchor of the fantastic Season 4 finale back in 2018.

Anyone who saw the latest season with their eyeballs would know that in Season 5 of the show, Seehorn pushed Kim Wexler past unforeseen limits and shocked us by seamlessly shapeshifting into a whole other dimension. No spoilers here, but just know that the transition was exhilarating to behold.

So, when I clicked on a list of this year’s Emmy nominations, my mind reeled. Despite the fact that the Academy expanded nominations to include more nominees this year, Ms. Seehorn’s name was not listed among them. I reacted with a bunch of questions of my own, chiefly: Whaaaa? Huh? How? Am I looking at a list from a previous year? Uhhhh?

Once I got over my utter confusion and denial, I shook it off and entered into two other stages of awards-season snub grief: Anger and bargaining.

Seriously? WTF, Academy? Aren’t you supposed to be awarding the best and brightest of the season? If so, how on earth did Seehorn’s uncompromising performance slip past your notice?  I had many questions, so I figured I’d openly air them here. Check out the full list below.

  • Is it because Seehorn makes it look easy? Is Kim too quiet of a character to receive notice?
  • Do they – gasp! – not watch Better Call Saul? Is this even possible for so-called champions of the TV medium?
  • If they do watch the show, did they not SEE the Lalo / Wexler face-off episode? (Read this in Chandler Bing’s voice for maximum effect.)
  • Do they not enjoy nuanced acting?
  • Are they *$#%&@ blind?!?
  • In the words of the incomparable Michael McKean: Do we need to draw you a roadmap?
  • How dare they.
  • Ok, that’s not a question. But, seriously. How dare they? How very dare!

It has been announced that Better Call Saul‘s sixth season will be its last. So – final question – are the Emmys up to the task of making it right next year? The answer had better be yes, or there may be Saul-like consequences.

Better Call Saul Seasons 1-4 are currently available for streaming on Netflix. Season 5 is available on AMC.com.