Is The 100 on tonight, July 29?

Are we really going another week without a new episode of The 100 Season 7?

We’ve already gone one week without a new episode of The 100 Season 7. Are we really going a second week without anything? Sadly, July 29 is another Wednesday with a rerun of the series.

This break will purely be for scheduling purposes. All episodes had fully filmed by the time the coronavirus pandemic shut productions down. The CW is just trying to make sure there’s plenty of content to get us through to January 2021, when the traditionally-placed fall shows should premiere.

The next new episode of The 100 Season 7 will be next Wednesday, Aug. 5. There isn’t much longer to wait for it. We’ll continue the story of Sanctum and Bardo, figuring out what Bill really wants with Clarke and The Key/The Flame.

There are many questions about various storylines at the moment. One of the biggest is about Bellamy. Do we really believe that he’s dead? Most of us don’t, despite the characters continually telling us that he’s dead. That portal was open. Is there a chance he went through it before the blast hit him fully? And did he end up on Penance, which is where Hope has been sent?

Also, does Echo really believe the teachings of the Disciples? That’s certainly possible, but Octavia and Diyoza may just be playing the game for now.

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What to expect tonight on The 100

There is a rerun of The 100 Season 7 tonight. We get a rerun of the last new episode, “The Flock.”

This episode spent time slightly in the past on Bardo. Echo, Octavia, Hope, and Diyoza all went through training to become Disciples. Not all would make it to the end.

Meanwhile, we got more drama on Sanctum. With Nikki in control, she demanded to see certain members of Wonkru and Russell Prime. Of course, that led to a few secrets being revealed, although Indra and others still don’t seem all that concerned that Clarke, Raven and the others are missing. Clearly, not much time has passed on Sanctum.

The 100 Season 7 returns with new episodes on Aug. 5 at 8/7c on The CW.