2 canceled Netflix shows whose abrupt endings angered fans

Here are two abruptly canceled Netflix shows that left many questions unanswered

Netflix has produced some amazing programs that have resonated with viewers, but it has also canceled some unceremoniously.  When a popular series ends, viewers want resolution. Not long ago, two beloved series became unexpectedly canceled Netflix shows.

Unfortunately, for these two series, it left unanswered questions, and fans were left wondering how some of their favorite characters fared after the final credits. Barring movies that would offer some answers, these stories will forever be open-ended. Please note there are spoilers ahead!

These are two canceled Netflix shows we’ll never get over

Santa Clarita Diet

Starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant, this horror-comedy series aired for three seasons before getting the ax from the streaming giant. Zombie Sheila ends up biting husband Joel so the two could spend eternity together, but there were so many questions that many entertainment outlets offered explanations to confused fans.

Series creator Victor Fresco told Hollywood Reporter that he’d “envisioned a five-season run.” But he was also aware that the fourth season could be the last. He admits to setting up a “huge new storyline for season four.”

 I think we’re introducing a huge new storyline for season four if we come back, and our challenge would be to come up with another one for season five, but I have no doubt based on these characters and this life that that would be something we could do.

Unfortunately, fans will never know what happens with Sheila, Joel, and the Cult of Sheila unless Netflix is open to producing a Santa Clarita Diet movie to better wrap the series.

Luke Cage

After only two seasons, the superhero drama that starred Mike Colter came to an abrupt end over what series showrunner, Cheo Hodari Coker, described as a dispute between Marvel and Netflix.  That left hero Cage in a quandary as he’d inherited Harlem’s Paradise after Black Mariah’s death which essentially set him up as a potential crime boss. Coker said he had “big plans” for Cage in Season 3, but that contractually, he couldn’t talk about what had been planned which left viewers completely out of the loop.

The one possible hope viewers might have for the future of Luke Cage is Hulu’s willingness to work with Marvel.  Craig Erwich, the streamer’s senior vice president of originals, said Marvel has a “ton of titles we’d be interested in.”

While he didn’t specifically mention the superhero series, it seems that Hulu could be open to continuing Marvel productions in the future. Unfortunately, fans aren’t appeased at possibilities, not when it seemed that a hero was being turned into a villain.

These aren’t the only two shows that Netflix has canceled without resolution, and it’s doubtful they’ll be the last. Unfortunately, fans aren’t always taken into consideration when viewer numbers, production costs, and behind-the-scenes discussions come into play.

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Which of these cliffhanger endings bothered you the most? Are there other canceled Netflix shows you’re not over yet?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.