11 canceled Netflix shows that need to be saved

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Spinning Out on Netflix
Spinning Out on Netflix, photo courtesy Netflix /

4. Sense8

Sense8 may have been one of the canceled Netflix shows back in 2017, but we’re still bitter about it. Yes, it did get a special to wrap up the storylines, but that isn’t good enough. You see, with this show, it wasn’t about getting all story threads wrapped up after cancellation. It was about having the positive portrayal of the LGBTQ+ community on our screens. There’s a little more of than now with the likes of Euphoria and Black Lightning, but we need more.

Also, Sense8 was a smartly written show with some intriguing story points. There was some excellent character development for all, and there was someone we could all connect to for various reasons. We wanted more world-building and to see what would happen next. It just feels like we were cheated out of so much.

It’s unlikely the show will be saved after so long (and the finale special) but that doesn’t mean we can’t still want it!

3. Spinning Out

Spinning Out was one of those shows I thought might be canceled even before it premiered. It all came down to the lack of promotion for it. Nobody really knew it was coming, and if they did, it wasn’t really clear what the show was going to be about. With so many other shows being released in January 2020, it was going to be difficult to get people to give this one a chance without knowing anything about it.

Yet, it is an important show. It’s not just another teen drama. This show brought us inspiration. Lead character Kat Baker thinks her skating career is over after an injury but has the chance to try again as a pairs skater. That brings its own challenges, but then there are the secrets of mental illness on top of that. We had a show that was supportive and raised awareness about mental illness, which is a topic many TV shows will shy away from.

It’s one of those canceled Netflix shows we need to see picked up elsewhere.