Selena + Chef and 5 other Selena Gomez projects to stream

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Selena Gomez (Photo by Steven Ferdman/Getty Images for ABA)

Selena + Chef is Selena Gomez’s newest project, but where can you stream others?

Selena Gomez is easily one of the most recognizable stars. Whether it be because of her Disney days, her musical career or other performances, she has fans of all ages. As she’s matured though, Selena has made a lot of changes, especially with her career. Originally known because of her Disney days, she has become her own brand including branching into beauty and now, her own cooking show.

Even though things have changed since her time at Disney, it’s always fun to be able to look back at some of her older projects. Even if you didn’t know her during her Disney tenure, she has acted in a lot of other projects since then. In particular, a lot of her projects are available to stream on multiple platforms including HBO Max.

With Selena + Chef being released, it’s only right to talk about some of her other notable projects and where you can stream them. Considering how many streaming services there are out now, you should be able to watch at least one of these. With that being said, let’s get into the most recent project to kick things off, Selena + Chef.

Selena + Chef gives us a newly hilarious side to the Selena Gomez we “know.”

The first project is obviously, HBO Max’s Selena + Chef. This is Selena Gomez’s “cooking show” to put it mildly. Set amidst quarantine, it’s Selena learning to become a better cook. Considering how busy and she is, it isn’t surprising that she isn’t much of a cook. Either way, the show is about learning and teaching as much as it is about her poking a little fun at herself.

This one won’t have universal appeal for everyone, but for people who grew up with Selena, it’s surprisingly relatable. The show also features some well-known chefs, including Roy Choi and Tanya Holland. It might even help some of the viewers become better cooks since that’s the goal for Selena. If you have HBO Max, you should definitely consider watching this over the weekend.

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