Big Brother 22 Week 2: Who did the HOH nominate?

For the first time in Big Brother, Memphis won HOH, so who did he nominate?

It’s Week Two of Big Brother All-Stars 2, and we’ve got a new HOH! For the first time in his Big Brother career, Memphis Garrett has won an HOH competition.

The win came after Thursday night’s eviction episode that saw Keesha be the first person evicted from Big Brother All-Stars 2. With this HOH win, Memphis had the opportunity to help advance his alliance, The Unusual Suspects, that includes his ride-or-die Cody, Christmas, Dani, Nicole Franzel, and Tyler, in the game.

However, this old school player would have a hard time adapting to the new school game. So who did Memphis nominate on Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother, and will these nominations come back to bite Memphis in the butt? Let’s talk about it.

Big Brother 22: Revenge for Dan Gheesling

Last week, a new twist called the Safety Suite entered the game.

When the countdown begins, the houseguests have one hour to decide whether or not they’ll swipe their VIP pass to gain entry into the Safety Suite and compete in a competition to ensure the safety of themselves and one other person.

Memphis came into the week being tight-lipped with the other houseguests about who his target was for the week in an attempt to force as many people as possible to use their one-time-use VIP passes.

However, in the Diary Room, he made it clear that he had his sights set on Ian, the man who beat Memphis’s former Big Brother 10 alliance member Dan Gheesling in Big Brother 14.

Unfortunately, just like last week, the Safety Suite twist would quickly derail the HOH’s plans.

Although Christmas would go on to win that week’s Safety Suite competition, where the Safety Suite competitors had to place drinks on two wobbly tables, she would award her Plus One safety to Ian.

Later on, Memphis, with his initial plan squashed, would meet with Cody in the HOH Room to re-evaluate their options. While they considered targeting Janelle and Kaysar to help advance their alliance, Memphis felt that it would benefit his game more to go after some easier targets.

As a result, when it came time for the Nomination Ceremony, it was Nicole Anthony and David’s faces that popped up on the memory wall.

In his nomination speech, Memphis would go on to tell Nicole that she should’ve played in the Safety Suite and would tell David, who he had made a Have-Not earlier that week, that he was “at the grownups table now” and that he was “going to have to prove himself.”

As the episode closed, Nicole Anthony cried in the Diary Room as she said that she wasn’t surprised that she was nominated but that she was upset to be nominated with her fellow Big Brother 21 alum. David, on the other hand, was stone-faced, telling the audience that he came to play and that he’ll be gunning for Memphis next week.

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Who will win the Power of Veto?

Find out on the next episode of Big Brother All-Stars that airs Wednesday, August 19 at 8c/9e on CBS.