I Quit exclusive clip: Take a look inside KLADO ready for the new series

Jesse Klee and Jen Prado show off a brigadeiro. Image Courtesy Discovery Channel.
Jesse Klee and Jen Prado show off a brigadeiro. Image Courtesy Discovery Channel. /

Take a look inside KLADO in this exclusive from Discovery’s new show I Quit

Around the world, people are quitting their comfortable, successful jobs to start new lives. They’re taking a risk on their own businesses. The new Discovery series I Quit takes a look inside the businesses of those who have taken a leap of faith.

It is a leap of faith. That’s coming from someone who decided to start up a writing business after the 2008 recession hit in the UK and being unable to find a job after graduation. There was a lot of risk involved, but nothing on the scale of some of these amazing businesses highlighted in the series.

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Jen Prado and Jesse Klee share their story in this exclusive clip from I Quit, thanks to our friends at Discovery. The business is mostly Jen’s idea, but her husband is there to support her every step of the way.

During the clip, Jen talks about how she had a job at Wall Street. It was successful and she could have a comfortable life, but is that really what she wanted to do? Many of these corporate jobs leave people feeling unfulfilled and they want to break out on their own. Jen found a business idea and ran with it, taking a few right turns along the way by the sounds of her husband, Jesse.

Take a look inside KLADO and where the business idea came from, along with the stresses and fears Jen has:

The Discovery series I Quit focuses on a number of entrepreneurs. They all have something to lose, but at the same time, they have a lot to gain.

Fathers Marcus and Chris bet everything on a cooler business, despite having 10 kids between them. Mike D wants to take his barbecue sauce around the world. Sibrena and Alex risk their life savings on a semi-pro soccer team.

How will they all deal with the stress of no safety net? You’ll get to find out on the all-new, inspirational series.

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I Quit premieres tonight on Discovery.