MTV’s Catfish: Watch Season 8, Episode 13 Dre and Casey

Catfish Season 8 on MTV, photo courtesy MTV
Catfish Season 8 on MTV, photo courtesy MTV /

An all-new episode of Catfish premieres tonight, here’s how to watch Season 8, episode 13 Dre and Casey

Season 8 of Catifish has been packed with surprises, and last week’s episode, “Kristen and Sarah,” has been one of my favorite chapters. But there is even more to come!

Trigger warning for all the ladies who are just fed up with men at the moment. Irresponsible partners, horrible fathers, you name it! Kamie Crawford is not putting up with tonight’s “victim” on Catfish. What can you expect and how can you be sure to watch? Let’s just say Dre isn’t going to be anyone’s favorite person after tonight. We’ve got all the details you need, below.

Catfish season 8, episode 13 Dre and Casey

Dre needs help meeting a woman he is very interested in, Casey. The same old red flags are present — she’s always unavailable, her camera doesn’t work, Casey even hints she needs money. But Dre is in a situation that’s so complicated, Nev and Kamie suggest not doing the episode. You’ll have to catch all the drama live.

Here’s a teaser trailer for “Dre and Casey”:

Read the info above and watch the teaser trailer for tonight’s episode and think about it carefully! Do you think tonight’s Catfish will be the real deal, someone Dre already knows, or your typical Catfish? Lock in your votes!

Catfish season 8, episode 13 tune-in details

Date: Wednesday, Aug. 19
Start Time: 8 p.m. ET
Episode: Season 8, Episode 13 “Dre and Casey”
TV network: MTV
Where to watch: Watch on Hulu | Watch live on MTV or stream it later at MTV online | Sling | More

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Don’t forget to give us your best guess about tonight’s outcome: Is Drew talking with a complete stranger, someone he already knows, or is this the real deal? Let’s be honest, that last option is rare.