The Batman: Teaser trailer introduces the main characters

MILL VALLEY, CA - OCTOBER 05: Robert Pattinson appears at the 42nd Mill Valley Film Festival - Special Screenings Of "The Lighthouse" And "Harriet" on October 5, 2019 in Mill Valley, California. (Photo by Kimberly White/Getty Images)
MILL VALLEY, CA - OCTOBER 05: Robert Pattinson appears at the 42nd Mill Valley Film Festival - Special Screenings Of "The Lighthouse" And "Harriet" on October 5, 2019 in Mill Valley, California. (Photo by Kimberly White/Getty Images) /

The Batman trailer released during DC Fandome introduces the film’s main characters

The DC Fandome virtual event ended with a glimpse of Matt Reeve’s The Batman, intriguing fans that may have once been skeptical. The trailer shows Robert Pattinson as Batman in his early years, not yet chummy with Commissioner Gordon and not yet the toast of the town. Gordon isn’t even a Commissioner yet. He’s a detective that’s forced to turn to Batman when a serial killer, who we assume is The Riddler leaving behind ciphers and riddles, addresses Batman.

While it may not have seemed possible, Reeves managed to create a dark Batman we’ve never seen before. During the virtual fan event, Reeves said that the movie is inspired by the noir detective movies of the 70s. Many have already compared the movie’s feel to The Crow. The Batman is leaning in to be more detective-like then superhero in nature, and it’s not at all a bad move for the film.

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Another surprise is that the movie will start from a different point in bat history than any of the other adaptations.  According to Reeves, The Batman takes place during year two. The Batman will not start from the very beginning, but it still will be somewhat of an origin story.

At this point, Batman has already been running the streets as a vigilante but hasn’t established his reputation. The villains haven’t reached their fully-costumed potential either.

The rest of the trailer is a montage of scenes where there are flashes of familiar faces and scenarios that hint at what may lurk in the full-length film. Here’s what we could put together from the trailer.

Watch the teaser trailer here:


Let’s begin with the Batman suit that is reminiscent of Iron Man’s first metal prototype. This suit is surely a beginner model that will be upgraded with time. In one of the scenes, Batman takes off his mask, revealing dark makeup around his eyes to further disguise his identity when he has his hood on. Pattison’s helmetless look is almost Emo and could even be Tim Burton- nspired.

Even the Batmobile has a different edge to it. It looks like a souped-up sports car with a massive blue engine that was likely fashioned in the Batcave. The Batcave is immense but doesn’t seem to have all of its bells and whistles. It looks like a large garage with lots of potential.

Reeves announced that Gotham, at this time, fears Batman and doesn’t see him as a protective force. Since Batman later beats a clown-faced gang member to a pulp without missing a beat, it might indicate that Batman may be a little rough around the edges and has some inner turmoil to get in order. The public could see him as a lunatic that likes to dress up and beat up people for fun, which means that Batman will have to earn Gotham’s trust.

Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne is seen momentarily during a heroic public moment. He saves the life of a child when an unmanned car barrels through a meeting and crashes. Wayne looks more like a wealthy recluse than the sophisticated and chic Bruce Wayne of the Animated Series. But that could just be me.


Selina Kyle also makes her debut in the trailer while displaying her skills as a cat burglar. Kyle enters someone’s mansion and takes out the high tech gear to rob the owners of anything they had hiding in their safe. She would have made a smooth getaway if it wasn’t for Batman showing up.

While we don’t get to hear what the first Batman and Catwoman encounter is like, we witness Kyle use some skilled fighting moves in her attempt at an escape. As expected, Kyle doesn’t have an exclusive Catwoman outfit either. She wears a full face wool mask that happens to have subtly pointed ears.

James Gordon

Clearly, Gordon isn’t the Commissioner because he isn’t the one making the speech to the public during the police press conference. Gordon is to the side of the man I assume precedes him. It looks like Gordon’s relationship with Batman is just getting started because they will work together on the Riddler case. But there’s still no telling how long it will take for Gordon to warm up to the big bat.


Gordon finds a card addressed to Batman with a cipher. The cryptic code reveals that the man who wrote it, presumably the man duck taping a victim’s face, is The Riddler. This early version of Riddler wears goggles and has his face wrapped up. Although he doesn’t wear a snazzy green outfit, this Riddler is sporting a green coat.

It seems that The Riddler has a bone to pick with the Batman and possibly the GCPD over a case involving a Maroni bust. Riddler leaves behind newspaper clippings all over the walls with references to “lies” written on them by hand. There’s something about that case Riddler doesn’t like and he’s going to cause trouble until someone does something about it.


Colin Farrell will be playing Penguin in The Batman, but there’s almost no sign of him in the trailer. Rumor has it that one of the flashes during the trailer is to an unrecognizable Farrell with heavy makeup.

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The Batman will be released in 2021.