4 military dramas to binge if you’re missing SEAL Team

Here are some great military dramas to watch if you miss SEAL Team

The CBS David Boreanaz led series, SEAL Team, wrapped early due to the pandemic and, as of yet, hasn’t resumed production for its fourth season. One only has to visit its active Facebook page to see just how much the show is missed.

Fans are watching and rewatching while some are even looking for shows even slightly similar to SEAL Team to fill in the gap. While these four aren’t replacements for Jason, Sonny, Clay, and Ray, they do have the military drama you may enjoy.

The Last Ship (available on Hulu)

This one hits a little close to home as a global pandemic is sweeping over the nation, killing millions of people. Only the USS Nathan James, a Navy guided-missile destroyer, and its crew of 218 people are safe from the virus as they’ve been out to sea. Captain Tom Chandler and his crew must work with Dr. Rachel Scott, a paleo-microbiologist, to disseminate the cure she has discovered while trying to keep other countries from absconding with it. The series is action-packed, drama-filled, and ran for five seasons and a total of 56 episodes.

The Unit (available on Hulu)

Based on the real-life US Army Special Operations Unit, The Unit is about top-secret military missions of Delta Force. The series follows the operators as they train and undertake highly-dangerous missions.

How their families are affected is also shown, much like SEAL Team. The unit is so secretive that even the spouses cannot know about it. They can’t know where their loved ones have gone, how long the assignments will last, or even if their spouses are safe. So cover operations is the focus, and there are plenty of those as well as personal drama. All 69 episodes are available on Hulu.

JAG (available on CBS All Access)

This military drama focuses a lot on the courtroom as JAG is the acronym for Judge Advocate General which is a branch of the military that is concerned with military justice and law.

However, many episodes involve the main characters going on covert missions and traveling in-country. Commander Harmon Rabb was a naval aviator before he became a lawyer, and there are many military missions where he still has to fly.

Whether in or out of the courtroom, it seems like he and his partner, Colonel Sarah “Mac” MacKenzie are always in danger. And the drama is non-stop. Unfortunately, several episodes are missing from CBS All Access, but 83 episodes are available from the 10 seasons, many of which are the better episodes of the series.

Six (available on Hulu)

This series is most like SEAL Team as it is about Seal Team Six and the daily lives of the operators as well as their missions, but they have season-long arcs which make it more of a necessity to watch from the beginning. Airing on the History Channel, Six is a much darker version of SEAL Team and only has 18 episodes as it was canceled after two seasons. But those episodes pack a powerful punch. The missions are terrifying and aren’t for the faint of heart. All in all, though a very good watch!

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Again, these series won’t completely fill the void left by SEAL Team, but there is plenty of drama and action to tide you over until Team Bravo returns.

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Have you already binged any of these shows? Share your thoughts about these series in the comments below.