The Boys Season 2: New character Stormfront promises to bring chaos

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

New character Stormfront promises to bring chaos to The Boys Season 2

When the cast of The Boys Season 2 reunited over Zoom to tease upcoming episodes of the fan-favorite Amazon Prime Video series, they were joined by a new cast member. Much of Season 2 will follow the ongoing clash between The Seven and The Boys, but new character Stormfront promises to bring lots more chaos to the mix—and we’ve learned that she’ll have much more going on than what our first impression of her might tell us.

Played by Aya Cash (who was a fan of The Boys before joining the series), Stormfront is a social-media-savvy Supe whose ability to use her digital platform to gain power becomes a challenging opposition for Homelander. The character is unlike other female roles we’ve seen within The Seven before, and we’re supe-r excited to see how her story will unfold. Cash joined panel moderator Aisha Tyler to talk more about what it was like to take on this new role for The Boys Season 2.

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Cash said she first learned about Stormfront by reading clips of dialogue that showed just how this character uses social media to accomplish her goals. “Basically, I was given some sides that show a little bit of sort of her social media savvy, and maybe a little of what’s going on underneath,” Cash said. She revealed that she also got a few more hints from showrunner Eric Kripke about the character. “I didn’t necessarily know beginning to end, but I definitely knew who she was.”

Stormfront on The Boys Season 2 will have some super reveals and twists

The Boys Season 2 Stormfront Aya Cash
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But even after learning more about Stormfront, Cash said she was surprised to land the role—especially because there was a (mysterious) disclaimer that came along with the character (and it has our minds turning about what it could be).

Tyler warned fans that though Stormfront first comes in as a “breath of fresh air” and positions herself to be a fan-favorite character. After we get to know more about her, “hilarity ensues.” The Boys Season 2 themes will continue to expose corruption, and Cash is excited to be part of the message.

"“What I love about it is it’s so topical,” Cash said. “What I love about all sci-fi and comic books and fantasy is that it allows us to look at current issues with some sort of distance, but allows us to see them clearer.”“You end up being able to sort of listen better and learn new things in different ways because they’re out of your personal context. So I was really excited about that.”"

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The first three episodes of The Boys Season 2 premiere Sept. 4 on Amazon Prime Video, and then will drop one new episode each week until the season finale on Oct. 9.