The Boys Season 2: The team-up on The Seven we did not see coming

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video/Panagiotis Pantazidis
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video/Panagiotis Pantazidis /

The Boys Season 2 is back in action and we were not expecting this team-up

The Boys Season 2 is back and the relationships between the members of The Seven are… complicated, at best. Earlier this summer, the cast reunited virtually with showrunner Eric Kripke to talk about where their characters are headed in the new episodes, tease upcoming story arcs, and give us some insight as to where we’ll find each character in the first few episodes. Lots of teases were shared (along with a wild sneak peak), but to our surprise, one very unexpected character team-up was revealed.

Erin Moriarty revealed that Starlight will be forced to explore the range of her powers in The Boys Season 2. She’s still set on being the best superhero in the world, but there’s a dark element and a major shift into how she plans to achieve her goals.

Moriarty also teased that fans should be prepared to see team-ups that they never expected to see between characters. Not only will she have to collaborate with Butcher, but she’ll have a head-turning team-up with A-Train — and the cast has confirmed that it’s pretty toxic at the start.

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Jessie Usher confirmed that A-Train won’t be in great shape when we meet up with him in The Boys Season 2, especially because of his heart attack and abuse of Compound V. “A-Train has so many things that he’s literally been running from for so long, now he’s in a place where he has to stop, turn and face these things, and it’s tearing him apart.”

A-Train is going to do whatever needs to be done in order to keep his life and image he has from being part of The Seven. Usher also teased that we’re going to get a glimpse into A-Train’s past and learn why he’s so committed to being the world’s top speedster, and how it’s the fear of losing that title that fuels all of his actions and decisions.

Starlight and A-Train’s unexpected supe team-up on The Boys Season 2

When asked about this new dynamic between Starlight and A-Train, Moriarty was quick to tease that there are some problematic actions. “It’s not a positive [dynamic] certainly, at least not at the beginning.” Moriarty said. “Basically there’s a mutual figuring out of how to handle each other and she has to ultimately blackmail him.”

Starlight will be stepping out of her comfort zone to connect with A-Train and admits that it’s a pretty toxic relationship at the start, but she sees the goal at the end of the line and knows they need to band together.

Usher’s comments were a little bit more cryptic when it came to talking about their dynamic together, but he did give us a few clues about what we can expect. “A-Train has no idea what Starlight’s capable of, and Starlight just doesn’t know what A-Train knows,” Usher said. “So there’s a lot of confusion there.

There’s a lot of figuring out.” Because of his loss of his physical strength, A-Train is going to need to rely on other ways to gain power and get what he wants, and we’re excited to see what that means for this team-up.

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The Boys Season 2 premieres Friday, Sept. 4 on Amazon Prime Video. The first three episodes will be available to watch the first week, with one additional episode being available to stream each week after.

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