Big Brother All-Stars Week 4: Who was evicted?

Who was evicted on last night’s episode of Big Brother All-Stars?

Spoilers ahead for the September 3rd episode of Big Brother All-Stars

Kaysar Rida became a Big Brother four-time pre-jury boot on Thursday night after being evicted over Christmas Abbott by a unanimous vote. This decision was in no way a surprise as Kaysar’s demise has been in the works for weeks at the hands of The Committee.

Nevertheless, Kaysar’s eviction was a devastating blow to all of the Jaysar fans who were overjoyed to see the return and Big Brother reunification of Kaysar and his ally, Janelle, after 14 years.

Still, while the conclusion may have been foregone, some new revelations came to light in last night’s episode that could impact the game in the coming weeks, including the announcement of another Big Brother All-Stars twist. Let’s discuss it all!

Big Brother All-Stars: Is Memphis’s head in the sand?

At the end of Wednesday’s episode of Big Brother All-Stars, Kevin won the POV Competition and chose to take himself off the block.

When Enzo ultimately chose Christmas as the replacement nominee, Kaysar knew his fate was sealed; nevertheless, he would go to work, trying to get Memphis on his side, although Memphis hadn’t proven to be a very valuable ally.

The reason for that, of course, is that Memphis is secretly apart of The Committee alliance which had been leading the charge against Kaysar, and Janelle, since Week 1. So when Kaysar pleaded with him to go after Cody, Dani, Nicole, Tyler, and Christmas in the coming weeks, Memphis was unresponsive, leaving Kaysar baffled and thinking that Memphis’s head was in the sand.

The planter is leaving seeds in too many places

Meanwhile, Cody and Enzo met up in the HOH Room to discuss the growing problem of Dani Briones. Both men would agree that Dani was blowing up their games and needed to go sooner rather than later, and in the Diary Room, Enzo would call Dani “The Gardener,” saying that she attempts to sow seeds of mistrust between everyone in the house, including the Slick Six.

In an attempt to separate himself from Dani, Cody would end up coming clean to Enzo about The Committee, although Enzo would have a muted response, telling us in the Diary Room that this revelation didn’t matter to him because he has his own alliances, and Cody and Tyler are guys that he wants to work with.

Later, Tyler would have two similar conversations about Dani with Bayleigh and Da’Vonne as he was also starting to feel that Dani was up to no good. Luckily, Bayleigh and Da’Vonne would agree that Dani should be the next to go. Unfortunately, the seeds that Dani has planted seem to have grown as when Tyler met with Cody and Enzo later; they would agree that the Slick Six wasn’t going to last and that they had no problem putting Da’Vonne on the block next to Dani next week.

Ian and Kevin become wise to the power structure

In the backyard, as he rocked on the hammock, Ian laid out his theory on the current house power structures while Kevin sat on the ground next to him. Ian would proceed to tell Kevin that he suspected that there were two major alliances in the house, and both men would agree that Cody and Nicole are at the core of both. Ian would then point out that although he and Nicole aligned due to their status as former winners, he’s starting to realize that she’s using him as a shield.

In the Diary Room, Kevin would then express relief that the feelings that he’s had for weeks without knowing who to talk to about them were validated.

Ian would further confirm his suspicions with Bayleigh later, telling her that he viewed the alliance structures within the house like an octopus with Cody and Nicole acting as the head and their various alliances as the tentacles. With this information, Ian would approach Kaysar, hoping that the dead man walking would aim to cause chaos on his way out the door.

Kaysar takes Ian up on his offer

When it came time for the nominees to make their final plea to their fellow all-stars, Kaysar did not disappoint! In his speech, he would take the time to criticize his fellow houseguests for their lackluster gameplay while also exposing the alliances of Cody, Dani, and Nicole. While this speech ultimately didn’t change his fate in the game, it did manage to rouse the ire of Nicole and Dani, who were less-than-thrilled to hug him goodbye before he headed out the door.

In his exit interview with Julie, Kaysar called the speech a Hail Mary and a present for those left in the house that he knew wanted to vote for him to stay but couldn’t.

Upon learning that Memphis was apart of the alliance that had been gunning for him and Janelle for weeks, Kaysar was shocked and at a loss for words. Julie concluded the interview by asking Kaysar why he returned to Big Brother after so many years. To this, he responded that because Big Brother had changed his life 14 years ago by giving him a platform, he felt that now, at a time when the country is so divided, he could once again use that platform to help create change.

The power is back up for grabs

With Janelle and Kaysar finally out of the house, this week’s HOH Competition was more important than ever as fans were left wondering whether this would be the week that The Committee members were forced to turn on each other.

For this week’s HOH Competition, called “Filter Face-Off,” the houseguests faced off two at a time, answering questions about filtered photos of their fellow all-stars.

For each question, the houseguests would have to buzz in with an answer of either “More” “Exactly” or “Less.” The first person to buzz in with the correct answer would advance in the competition and choose the next two people to compete. If they guessed incorrectly, however, they would be eliminated and their partner would advance.

If neither player buzzed in before the time was up, they would both be eliminated unless they were the final two left in the competition.

Let’s cut right to the chase, after 10 rounds, Christmas would defeat Da’Vonne and become the new HOH. As the episode closed, Julie introduced a new room in the Big Brother house called the BB Basement that Julie promised would hold three special powers that had the potential to shake up the game.

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So will Christmas go after Dani, or will she have her sights set on someone else, and what will be in store for the houseguests as they enter the BB Basement?

Find out on the next episode of Big Brother All-Stars which airs on Sunday, September 6th at 8/7c on CBS!