What’s the best combination of streaming services?

Of all streaming services these days, which combination is the best?

There are so many streaming services available, it’s difficult to know what to get. Are you subscribed to one or many? Reelgood has gathered data to know which combination is the most popular.

Reelgood has collected data from over two million U.S. users and has shared the results! Netflix is a streaming titan, I don’t know many people who don’t have an account. In fact, I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t.

There are so many other streaming services, though, that Netflix can’t be the only one. Not unless you want to miss out on some great content! Hulu, for example, may not be known for original TV shows and movies, but it does have live TV, which is a great alternative to cable.

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There’s also Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus. Recently, HBO Max and Peacock also launched. How are they doing so far with the competition? Reelgood reports that their users who have Netflix have at least one other streaming service, but that the newer ones (HBO Max, Peacock) aren’t as popular.

Here are the most popular combinations of streaming services

There’s a tie here! The two most popular streaming duos are:

  • Netflix and HBO Max (93%)
  • Prime Video and Peacock (93%)

Also highly popular with a percentage of 86% or more:

  • HBO Max and Prime Video
  • Netflix and Peacock
  • Netflix and Apple TV
  • Apple TV and Prime Video
  • Disney Plus and Netflix
  • Netflix and Hulu

To be honest, I thought there would be a lot more combinations with Netflix, but Prime Video and Apple TV seem to be fairly popular! And who else is surprised to only see Hulu there once? Which is your go-to streaming service?

Which combination are you subscribed to? Be sure to check out Reelgood for more treats!