Fellow chef accuses Gordon Ramsay of stealing his recipe

Uh oh! Trouble is seemingly brewing for Gordon Ramsay, who has just been accused by an Australian chef of stealing a recipe. Would the famed and talented chef really do that? Here’s the full story.

As reported by The Sun, Gordon Ramsay received an interesting comment on social media, when Mitch Orr seemingly accused him of copying a dish. The 53-year-old British star shared a video of a delicious looking meal of pork carbonara with an egg yolk on top, and while followers likely started drooling over Ramsay’s work, Orr was less than thrilled.

“Looks familiar mate,” Orr wrote.

See the post in question below.

Though the comment might seem like a joke, Orr then spoke with Emerald City, where he explained why he left the shady remark on Gordon Ramsay’s post. He said:

People don’t really own recipes but it is standard etiquette to give credit where credit is due. Gordon is one of the biggest chefs in the world with over 9 million followers on social media – the right thing to do is to credit where the inspiration for the dish came from.

It certainly seems like Orr is angry! If you’re unfamiliar, the cook from Australia is the owner and head chef of his restaurant ACME. He also, according to his LinkedIn page, won the Best Young Chef award at SMH’s Good Food Awards in 2010.

“I haven’t heard anything from Gordon himself, but I have been in contact with the chef he tagged who agreed the [pasta] was too similar not to have given me credit for,” Orr added of the situation.

Gordon Ramsay has yet to publicly respond to Orr’s accusations, but knowing him, we doubt he will!

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