Gordon Ramsay’s new BBC show could be his biggest hit yet

Gordon Ramsay is no novice when it comes to television, as the famed chef has starred in various shows, such as Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, and Hotel Hell, among others. His first-ever series, Boiling Point, debuted back in 1998.

The 53-year-old Scotland native has had a colorful career in the kitchen and in front of the cameras, and his new job is a departure from anything he’s ever done. Though he’s experienced in the TV world, he’s about to take on another title.

According to Metro, Gordon Ramsay will be hosting a new game show for BBC One, titled Bank Balance. The show seemingly does not have anything to do with cooking, and is described as “high-stakes and high-pressure,” with contestants having to “test their poise, precision, knowledge and nerve.”

Sounds like a fun watch to me! Gordon himself is super excited about the new show, saying:

This is going to be truly epic. It is such an intense game with so much jeopardy to win big and lose even bigger, where the difference between failure and success is always in the balance. I’m so happy to be working with the fantastic team at the BBC and cannot wait to get in the studio and start stacking those gold bars!

Deadline reports that Bank Balance will begin filming later this year, and there is no release date just yet.

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