Santa Clarita Diet and the 10 top Drew Barrymore performances so far

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Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore . (Photo by Ian Tuttle/Getty Images for Breakthrough Prize )

The 10 best Drew Barrymore movie and TV performances so far

Who else besides Drew Barrymore was born into the entertainment business and has been working since they were 11 months old? It’s an elite club she belongs to that lent itself to many ups, including rising to fame as a child in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, and of course those well-documented downs. But with indisputable talent and palpable passion, she proved herself an A-lister that was here to stay.

Over the years, Drew Barrymore has been many things onscreen. This month, she’ll again undergo a metamorphosis as she launches The Drew Barrymore Show, a daytime talk show looking to spread some joy and conversation when we need Drew most. But as she came of age in Hollywood, she starred in a number of hits (and a few misses, let’s be fair) like Ever After, Never Been Kissed, and Riding in Cars with Boys.

To this day, her brief appearance in the opening sequence of Scream remains an iconic piece of cinematic history, not unlike her romantic comedy trilogy with Adam Sandler. Okay, maybe those movies aren’t as iconic, but they’re classics and they’re great because of a star so likable, you trust her to take you on a journey with her characters. Whether she’s kicking butt in Charlie’s Angels or snacking on humans in Santa Clarita Diet, she’s a tried-and-true legend.

Which blockbusters and beloved comedies made the cut, and which fan-favorite role took the top spot? Here’s our celebration of Drew Barrymore’s top 10 best performances so far!

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