Is Madelyn Stillwell in The Boys season 2?

If you still haven’t finished binging season 1 of The Boys, consider this a major spoil alert and look away! But if you’re all caught up and in need of some answers to some very good questions regarding the return of one major character in season 2, let’s get to it, shall we?

Spoilers for The Boys season 1 and season 2 ahead.

In season 1’s dramatic final episode, the team leader Homelander (played by Antony Starr) unexpectedly kills off Elisabeth Shue‘s character, Madelyn Stillwell. Or at least, that’s what we thought when it all went down.

Does Elisabeth Shue return as Madelyn Stillwell in The Boys season 2?

In season 2, however, it seems things are getting even more complicated in more ways than seven. In the latest episode, we discover that Madelyn’s shocking death may not be what it seems.

According an explanation by CBRthe Madelyn Stillwell who seemingly returns from the grave in season 2 isn’t actually the real Madelyn Stillwell we got to know in season 1. So who (or what) the heck is she?

Inevitably, we learn that this doppelgänger is a shapeshifter we’ve met before. As Yahoo! reports, the fake Madelyn Stillwell is secretly a Supe from season 1 (and officially in some very dark dealings with Homelander) as the superhero super drama continues to snowball. Surprisingly, the doppelgänger meets a similar fate as the real Madelyn by the end of the episode.

So the answer is: Yes and no, we guess. Madelyn Stillwell does indeed return to join forces in season 2, but it’s not the same person we thought or hoped, sadly. Not at this point anyway. Still, who knows what could happen in the next episode? As we’ve learned from the super people shenanigans of season 1, practically anything is possible when it comes to The Boys