The best Carole Baskin memes from her time on Dancing With the Stars

Dancing With the Stars has officially returned for season 29, and between all the surprising celebrity contestants, Tiger King alum Carole Baskin was certainly the most entertaining. If you’re still shocked she was chosen for the ABC competition show, you’re not alone. Viewers on Twitter could not get enough of all the absurdity going on in front of their eyes when she took the stage.

If you’re unfamiliar with Carole, she was featured in the highly-popular Netflix docuseries Tiger King, which took up the very first part of quarantine for many when it debuted in March 2020. She has since turned into a TV personality of sorts, and ongoing meme.

Carole Baskin Dancing With the Stars performance

In case you missed Carole busting a move last night with dancing pro Pasha Pashkov, appropriately to the song “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor, you can watch the performance below.

Carole Baskin memes

If you binge-watched Tiger King earlier this year, you know people just love their Carole Baskin memes. Now that the big cat rights activist is on our screens once again with DWTS, there’s a whole new collection of memes to see.

Look no further for a list of the best, which will be updated every week that Carole is on the show!

1. Well, it’s actually not Pasha’s first season on DWTS, but his reaction to Carole might’ve still been this.

2. Anyone else see the resemblance?

3. Some people were against the both of them cast for this season.

4. Hey, Halloween is kind of coming up!

5. He’s disappointed, but not surprised.

6. Protest Pasha at all costs!

7. Carole’s tigers have already seen enough of her dancing.

8. Do we think Joe Exotic tuned in?

9. The judges might want to be scared.

10. I would stay away!

How far will Carole go? Tune into the first elimination of Dancing With the Stars season 29 on September 22!

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