Is The Devil All the Time on Netflix any good?

The Devil All the Time is now streaming on Netflix, but is it worth a watch?

Netflix has released its latest big feature, The Devil All the Time, starring Tom Holland, Bill Skarsgård, Robert Pattinson, and others. Wondering if the movie is any good? Here’s what we think.

The Devil All the Time follows Arvin Russell (Tom Holland) from the time he was a child to a young man. All Arvin wants is his family to be safe, especially after being through a few tragedies himself. But life aligns him to meet evil in the form of a sick preacher, a pair of serial killers, and a corrupted sheriff that runs a town.

I was excited about watching the movie, especially for Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson. I was aware of early reviews claiming the film moves slowly and the tone is too dark to be enjoyed, but I gave it a chance, anyway.

Should you watch The Devil All the Time?

Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I was hoping to. It’s a great story, depressing, sure, but still worth telling. However, I feel the movie was too long for its own good, running over two hours long.

It is dark, no kidding about that, but if you go into it knowing that the movie is violent and aware there will be uncomfortable scenes, you should be fine. If this is something you already know will give you trouble, skip it.

One thing I did love about the movie are the performances, Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson do not disappoint! Pattinson as the evil preacher is a highlight. Still, I can’t strongly recommend it. Whether the movie is worth watching is all up to each individual, but I can’t say I would recommend this movie over others that are streaming at the moment.

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The Devil All the Time is now streaming on Netflix. Let us know if you decide to watch it!