Why SEAL Team is an important series and so is getting it right

SEAL Team -- Photo: Aaron Epstein/CBS ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
SEAL Team -- Photo: Aaron Epstein/CBS ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

SEAL Team will resume production in the near future, here’s why the series is so important

CBS’ Seal Team is ramping up to start its fourth season. A show about Navy Seals, their missions, and their families, the Emmy-nominated series has captivated viewers and continues to pull in steady ratings.

When most shows are lucky to have six million viewers, SEAL Team racks up eight and nine million with each episode better or at least equal to the last with every actor giving 100%. And one actor on the series believes that they owe it to the men and women of this country to give that 100%.

Justin Melnick who plays Brock, Cerberus’ handler, on the military drama wants viewers to know the series doesn’t take the importance of what they’re filming lightly.

"We go in every morning, and we finish late every night. We show up like any other job, and we put in a hundred percent. We get hurt, we get sick, but you know what, we all show up the next day to work because what we’re building is so much bigger than any one of us individually.We work on a show that represents America’s heroes, and it is so incredibly important that we do it right."

SEAL Team tells stories of America’s heroes

Melnick says SEAL Team is telling the stories of America’s heroes and that the platform afforded by CBS could impact lives for the better as the series shines a light on problems facing veterans today, including mental health issues, suicide, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

"One politician protesting a cause is one thing, but you get a TV show with twelve million viewers getting behind something, we might be able to make a difference and help the people that have sacrificed and risked so much to keep us safe here at home."

The former cop and combat photographer believes that even the best isn’t good enough for those who have sacrificed and risked to keep us safe at home. And that’s why the series is so true to the stories it tells and so realistic.

Executive producer Christopher Chulack says the actors learn to move like the SEALs move and learn even the smallest subtexts that can come out on screen, making SEAL Team look different than any other military drama which proves they’re doing everything they can to get things right on screen. Viewers can’t ask for anything more.

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