4 canceled superhero shows that the CW needs to revive

MARVEL'S AGENT CARTER - ABC's "Marvel's Agent Carter" stars Hayley Atwell as Agent Peggy Carter. (ABC/Bob D'Amico)
MARVEL'S AGENT CARTER - ABC's "Marvel's Agent Carter" stars Hayley Atwell as Agent Peggy Carter. (ABC/Bob D'Amico) /

Superhero shows can excel with the right network, here are four that need to be saved

The CW has built a strong stable of series based upon superheroes and is even considering adding a few more to its arsenal of crimefighters. It has already added Superman & Lois to its roster for the coming season as the executives behind the network obviously knows what works and what will bring in the viewers.

Unfortunately, other networks either haven’t had the same success with superhero shows or the series haven’t been given the proper timeslot or promotion they needed to prosper.

These four superhero shows need a strong network to back them and to give them a second chance. They were already building a fanbase when cancellation hit, and that base is a step in the right direction. Now, a network, the best one of which is The CW, needs to offer these series more time to grow.

Agent Carter

Airing for only 18 episodes over two seasons, this series was a period drama that showcased Haley Atwell as the capable Peggy Carter, both a secret agent and a single woman in the 1940s. The sets were astoundingly good, and Carter’s hunt for weapons in New York City was a fun ride. Unfortunately, the ratings weren’t strong enough for ABC so the series was cancelled.

When series creators Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely were asked last year about the potential for a revival of the series last year, McFeely said “it was an expensive show.” But perhaps The CW could have a workaround.

Human Target

A Fox broadcast, Human Target aired 25 episodes over two seasons and had a strong fanbase. It averaged 8.26 million viewers in its first season, which would be excellent numbers for a network like The CW.

The series, based upon an ex-assassin who embeds himself in the lives of people in need in order to protect them. The character even showed up on a couple of episodes of Arrow, which boosted his popularity. But after the first season, a new showrunner was brought in, and the ratings fell, though still maintaining upwards of 6 million viewers.

Blade: The Series

We only got one season of 12 episodes of this fantastic series from Spike TV which follows Blade (based on the movies series), a vampire with a serum he uses to control his vampire instincts. He works with Krista Starr, a newly-turned vampire, in an attempt to find her brother’s killer and combats the growing problems with the vampire houses. It had a fabulous cast and strong writing, but the series was canceled, apparently as the cost to produce the show was too high. But The CW has been producing long-running superhero shows for years. Undoubtedly, they know how to deal with the budget necessary for these types of shows.

No Ordinary Family

This was another ABC superhero show about a family that develops supernatural powers when their plane crashes in the Amazon. It was such a unique show with the entire family have abilities they struggled with while they tried to maintain the façade of a normal family.

It starred the wonderfully talented Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz, who had crazy chemistry, and with nothing like this series on television, it looked like ABC would have given it more of a chance than it did. Unfortunately, it was cancelled after only 20 episodes in its first season.

Every one of these shows had a lot of potential, and the right network like The CW, could make these series into long-running fan favorites.

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Which one of these shows would you like to see again? Share your thoughts in the comments below.