The Haunting of Bly Manor ending explained

Understanding the ending of The Haunting of Bly Manor

There were three different ending points to The Haunting of Bly Manor, with all three needing to be explained. We’re breaking the down in this post.

Those three ending points were the story revolving around the ghosts at Bly Manor, the story of Dani and Jamie, and then the wedding party. Are you ready to delve into the tale?

There are spoilers in this post for The Haunting of Bly Manor finale.

Understanding the ghosts at Bly

The grounds were filled with ghosts. Some, like in The Haunting of Hill House, would just be in the background. They weren’t dangerous, but always there as a memory of the death that happened in the house.

There was one main ghost that was dangerous, and we’re not talking about Peter. The Lady in the Lake was the dangerous ghosts, roaming the halls at night. She wouldn’t roam every night, but enough to make Miles and Flora worried about anyone who would be out of their room when she could appear.

The Lady in the Lake would kill anyone in her path as she searched for the one thing she wanted: her daughter. The Lady in the Lake was Viola Lloyd, and her daughter had left Bly with her father. Before the two left, they threw Viola’s trunk into the lake. This was the item that ground Viola to the Earth, and Viola became the Lady in the Lake because of it.

Believing Flora to be her daughter, Viola took Flora to the water.

Dani wouldn’t let that happen, inviting Viola to share her body to save Flora. The ghosts were now able to leave Bly.

Understanding the sacrifice Dani made

Did Dani die on The Haunting of Bly Manor? Well, yes, but not right away.

For a long time, Dani was able to live her life with Jamie. The two took each day at a time, not making any long-term plans. However, Dani eventually proposed to Jamie. While they couldn’t officially marry, they could wear the rings and live as if they were married.

It was sweet, but eventually, Dani knew the Lady in the Lake would come to possess her body. There was a risk of everyone Dani held dear.

One night, Dani reached out to kill Jamie in her sleep. Dani woke in time, but she knew it was time to return to Bly Manor to stop the Lady in the Lake claiming any more lives.

Jamie knew where Dani would go and found Dani at the bottom of the lake at Bly Manor. Dani became the new Lady in the Lake, but she wouldn’t be doomed to walk the grounds. Instead, Dani managed to keep control of Viola so everyone could live peacefully at Bly.

The Haunting of Bly Manor wedding explained

The series all started with a woman telling a ghost story after a wedding rehearsal dinner. In the finale, we learned that woman was Jamie. The bride was Flora, her brother Miles was there, and so were Owen and Henry.

Flora and Miles no longer remembered the story. They remembered living at Bly Manor, but didn’t remember the trauma. That was the way Henry and Owen helped to keep it.

We get a flash of everyone as their younger selves during the wedding, but life has moved on.

For Jamie, she runs the water in the bath and sinks every night and leaves the door slightly ajar. She makes it possible for Dani to visit.

And Dani does visit. At the very end of The Haunting of Bly Manor finale, we see a hand on Jamie’s shoulder. That is Dani’s hand as Jamie sleeps, watching over without Jamie really knowing.

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