Big Brother 22 All-Stars Week 10: Who was evicted?

Who was evicted on last night’s episode of Big Brother 22 All-Stars?

Spoilers ahead for the October 16 episode of Big Brother 22 All-Stars

On Thursday night, Memphis became the seventh member of the Big Brother 22 All-Stars jury after being evicted over Christmas.

This decision would end up coming as a shock to the Big Brother 10 alum, who believed he had strong connections with his fellow Wise Guys, Enzo and Cody. Unfortunately, it would come as less of a surprise to the audience, leaving us to wait for the big reveal.

Fortunately, there was still some fun to be had this episode as we’d return to the Jury House, and King Kaysar would return to the Big Brother 22 All-Stars House to introduce the Final Four HOH competition.

Let’s break it all down!

Split the vote and King Kaysar returns

At the Veto Meeting, POV holder and HOH Nicole chose to keep her nominations of Memphis and Christmas in place. Surprisingly, neither Christmas nor Memphis seemed to care, and in the DR, both would remain confident that their block-buddy would be walking out the door come Eviction Night.

Nevertheless, following the meeting, Christmas would speak with Nicole while Memphis would speak with Cody to see where their heads were.

Both Nicole and Cody would ensure the nominees that they were safe. However, following his conversation with Memphis, Cody would make it clear in the DR that he was more than willing to send the not-so-Wise Guy out the door. As a result, Memphis’s only hope of staying this week would be Enzo.

In their one-on-one conversation, Memphis would play his final card, telling Enzo that it was better to keep him around for the home-stretch to combat Nicole, a former winner who Memphis said would have a case to win again if she made Final Two.

In the DR, Enzo would consider this point, and in conversation with Cody later, would suggest splitting the vote and forcing Nicole to break the tie in Memphis’s favor.

Although Cody would be hesitant, fearing Memphis’s competition prowess over Christmas’s, in the DR, he would consider that maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea to split the vote and allow Nicole to get the blood on her hands. Nevertheless, when it came time for the live vote and eviction, Cody and Enzo would remain united and send Memphis packing.

In his exit interview with Julie, Memphis would say that despite being blindsided, he harbored no negative feelings toward Cody or Enzo and acknowledged that winning three HOH competitions likely made him a target than Christmas. However, he would remain adamant that he was loyal to The Wise Guys 1.0 until the end.

Before the night was up, the remaining HouseGuests would be called to the Living Room and watch on the television as King Kaysar returned to the Big Brother 22 All-Stars Backyard to introduce this week’s HOH competition, which served as the POV competition that Kaysar won in Big Brother 6.

The Jury House gets a few surprises

This week, Tyler would head to the Jury House as the sixth member of the Big Brother 22 All-Stars Jury. Upon arriving at the Jury House, Tyler would explain the events leading up to his eviction, and the jury would praise Cody for his competition prowess, with Kevin remarking that Cody could take home the win if he isn’t evicted soon.

Following this conversation, Tyler and Da’Vonne would clear the air regarding the events that lead up to her eviction, with Tyler telling her that he had every intention of leaving the game, giving Da’Vonne and the fans a little bit of closure.

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Who will win the Final 4 HOH competition and ensure their spot on Finale Night, which airs on Wednesday, October 28th?

Find out on the next episode of Big Brother 22 All-Stars that airs on Monday, October 19 at 8/7c on CBS.