Big Brother winner Pete Bennett looks fresh after Catherine Tate movie Appearance

Talk about a double take! If you haven’t seen Big Brother alum Pete Bennett in a while, prepare to be shocked.

The reality star gained fame back in 2006 when he won the seventh series of the competition show Big Brother. Since then, he was nominated for a National Television Award, wrote a book titled Pete: My Story, and has more recently ventured into acting.

Bennett impressively scored a part in comedian Catherine Tate’s new movie where she reprises her always-popular role as Nan. As reported by The Sun, the reality star explained earlier this year that he actually cursed out Tate in attempts to get the job.

“I went in there and called Catherine Tate loads of swear words, and she loved it,” Bennett said. “I called her all the names under the sun. And then I got the part.”

Now, as reported by Daily Record, buzz is forming about Pete Bennett once again, as people have found his Instagram page and have noticed he looks completely unrecognizable from his Big Brother days!

The 38-year-old London native looks far more put-together in 2020, and the Instagram photo you can see below proves it.

He captioned the shot, “Re-pete,” and it seems fans are loving it!

In more recent pics on his page, Bennett cuddles with his adorable dog, and shows off his daily activities, which include acting. I’d say he looks much more like an adult now with brown hair and stylish clothing, while he still looks young with a youthful face.

Power to Pete Bennett! You can check out his page here.

Nan: The Movie, starring Catherine Tate and directed by Josie Rourke, had an October 2, 2020 initial release. The comedy was delayed due to COVID-19 safety concerns and regulations.