How to watch Warrior Season 2, Episode 7 live online

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After spending a week at a border town, we’re heading back to Chinatown on Warrior Season 2, Episode 7. Here’s what to expect in the episode, and how to watch it live.

Change is coming to the Hop Wei. Ah Sahm has been pushing for that and manipulated Young Jun along the way, but is it the change that they want. Father Jun has never wanted to anger the Chinese families, but will he lose support when Young Jun shares all the good that buying from local suppliers has offered?

This could be beneficial for Mai Ling and the Long Zii. With the Hop Wei focused on their own problems, they’re not going to pay attention to Mai Ling and whatever she is up to next.

What is she up to? Well, now with the Fung Hai taken down and Zing arrested, she’s probably going to try to gain order again. That’s not going to last for long though.

There’s another swordman murder. Bill had just arrested Zing believing him to be the swordsman—well, using Chao to plant the sword. Now that there’s another murder, the jig is up for Bill.

Ah Toy has her own plans

It’s not all about the tongs, either. Warrior Season 2, Episode 7 will continue Ah Toy’s story as she tries to help some of the girls. She’s not sending her own girls to Nellie’s vineyard, though.

Ah Toy wants to take down another brothel. Granted, this is the sadistic brothel in the area, but it’s still a rival. Her actions are more for her than the girls. What will Nellie think about that? Could it destroy a relationship before it even gets started?

Trouble in the Blake house

Then we turn to the Blakes. There’s trouble there, and it’s not helping that Sophie and Buckley are now convincing Leary to use his power for their own gain.

Penny and Samuel are on opposite sides of a fight. They don’t love each other. In fact, they don’t even like each other. Yet, they continue to pretend for society. When behind closed doors, a fight will start and that could have permanent consequences for both.

Check out the promo and synopsis for Warrior Season 2, Episode 7 below:

Change is afoot for the Hop Wei after Father Jun, Ah Sahm, and Young Jun face off. Ah Toy decides that Nellie may be the answer to her problems and takes matters at a sadistic rival brothel into her own hands. Leary is urged by both Buckley and Sophie to utilize his political influence. Just as his heroics are trumpeted, Bill is faced with another swordsman murder. A fatal clash unfolds at the Blake household.

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Date: Friday, Nov. 13
Start Time: 10/9c
Episode: Season 2, Episode 7, “If You Wait By the River Long Enough”
TV Channel: Cinemax
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2