Where is the best landing spot for Quibi’s Cup of Joe?

With Quibi departing soon, where is the best landing spot for Cup of Joe?

Rest in peace to Quibi. What could have been an exciting new streaming service has gone down in flames in less than a year. The concept had potential but the viewership just wasn’t there and it’s a little sad. It’s especially sad for the shows that were entertaining. In particular, Cup of Joe was one of the hidden gems available to stream.

While some might have overlooked the series, the show was a lot of fun. If you don’t know what Cup of Joe was, it was a travel show hosted by Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. In the show, Joe would stop at different places during the Happiness Begins Tour with his brothers and spend the day with a local/friend of his. Despite each episode being less than ten minutes, Joe and his guest/guests always had a lot of fun in the time they were given.

Cup of Joe really resonated with Jonas Brothers fans unsurprisingly. It was cool to see Joe doing things that weren’t related to the tour and getting to have some fun. For non-Jonas Brothers fans, they were able to see some of their favorite famous faces and learn a little bit more about a particular destination. With such a fun premise and lots of potential for the future, which network should pick up Cup of Joe for Season 2?

Where’s the best place to move Cup of Joe for a possible Season 2?

When coming up with a suitable landing spot for Cup of Joe, it’s tough to narrow down the streaming platforms. For starters, the platform has to either be willing to accept the short run-time of the series or allow the episodes to be longer. Between the two options though, most would probably agree to make the episodes longer. If so, it opens the door for more platforms so let’s get into some options.

Starting things off, Netflix seems unlikely to give Cup of Joe a chance. Netflix is more focused on other types of reality TV shows. It’s not anything against the series but it doesn’t feel like Cup of Joe fits their vibe. Rather, Netflix has its sights set on a different market and there’s nothing wrong with that. If Netflix does decide to give Cup of Joe another chance though, I’ll be incredibly surprised. Additionally, it doesn’t seem like Amazon Prime would be interested, either.

With those two out of the way, let’s get into some real options for the future of Cup of Joe. The first option has to be Hulu. Hulu has a few travel shows streaming already but it wouldn’t hurt for them to add another. Not only could they get viewers due to them acquiring Season 1 but they could also get more eyes on it. Quibi was alright but didn’t have nearly the reach that Hulu did so Cup of Joe could end up being an entirely new world for them.

If Hulu doesn’t seem to be the right fit, another option could be Youtube TV. Youtube has become a viable alternative to those who have cut the cord. Additionally, Youtube TV has already aired a lot of original celebrity programming. They’ve tapped into their market and Cup of Joe could be a great addition. The show has the celebrity name, a unique premise and lots of guest apperances. It could easily fit in with the rest of Youtube’s original programming so it could be a good landing spot.

Last but not least, the final landing spot is Apple TV+. As far as streaming services go, this is one of the most underrated options. However, they’re relatively new to the streaming game so adding some familiar faces could help boast sales. If Apple is looking to dip their toe in the reality TV game, they could start with Cup of Joe as it isn’t too dramatic and is focused a lot more on having fun. It might be an unusual pick for the service, but Apple could revamp a few things to help it fit their brand.

Overall, it will be a shame if no one decides to pick up Cup of Joe. It was such a fun show even for those who aren’t Jonas Brothers fans. Cup of Joe deserves a second chance so hopefully, we’ll see it get picked up before the next year. Even if it doesn’t end up at one of the streaming services above, maybe another service will take a chance on it.

Did you watch Cup of Joe on Quibi? Do you think it’ll be picked up for a second season? Be sure to let us know in the comments!