Mysteries of the Abandoned: Learn the secrets of some of the most haunting places

Mysteries of the Abandoned. Image courtesy Like a Shot Productions
Mysteries of the Abandoned. Image courtesy Like a Shot Productions /

Mysteries of the Abandoned premieres in December 2020

Locations may be abandoned, but they’re not forgotten. They don’t lose everything about them, offering stories to tell for the decades and centuries to come. Mysteries of the Abandoned is about to take you inside some of the most haunting places in history.

The new series premieres on Science Channel on Dec. 3, 2020. If you love mysteries, stories, and things that leave you with goosebumps, this is a series for you.

Get started by taking a look at the promo for the series before we get into more details:

Get inside the stories on Mysteries of the Abandoned

There will even be places you recognize, and not just because you’ve seen them in photos in textbooks. One of the most infamous locations on Mysteries of Abandoned was used for The Hunger Games, and it’s time to explore the real place and the stories left behind.

One of the locations was used by KGB spies and Nazis, which doesn’t sound all that weird and crazy. It’s when you consider it’s a labyrinth of subterranean tunnels beneath the Ukraine streets you’ll look again. The labyrinth is enough to make anyone go crazy finding their way around, but these tunnels were once a home.

Then there are the tunnels build leading to the ocean. And not just to a beach, but to the middle of a cliff overlooking the ocean. Why? What mystery does this place hold?

Some of these abandoned sites are on the brink of collapse, risking the secrets and stories to be lost forever. Others have been left eerily silent, waiting for people to visit.

These are the sorts of places you see in movies to set a tone, such as the evacuation of homes on Chernobyl. But what happens when the stories are left untold for centuries? What happens when experts and historians are left piecing the puzzle back together again? We get beautiful haunting shows like Mysteries of the Abandoned.

Take a look at the cold open thanks to our friends at Discovery, the parent company of Science Channel.

Mysteries of the Abandoned is produced by Like a Shot Productions for Science Channel. Henry Scott and Steve Gillham are executive producers for the production company, with Neil Laird as executive producer and Andrew Lessner as producer for Science Channel.

If you’re only going to watch one new show this December, Mysteries of the Abandoned is going to be the must-see.

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Mysteries of the Abandoned premieres at 9/8c on Dec. 3 on Science Channel.