5 things to know about Run starring Sarah Paulson on Hulu

Everything you should know about Run on Hulu before watching

This weekend is relatively quiet on streaming services, but Hulu has a movie you’ll certainly want to watch as a Sarah Paulson fan. Run on Hulu is now available, and here are five things you need to know before you get started.

Run was going to go to theaters

You can only watch Run on Hulu. However, the movie was initially going to head to theaters.

Lionsgate pulled it from the schedule in May due to the ongoing pandemic. Nobody knew when theaters would open, but there was hope that they would open in the summer. In the end, Lionsgate decided Hulu was the best place for the movie.

Run on Hulu age rating

This may be surprising to hear when you see the trailer, but the movie’s age rating is PG-13. However, there is some mature content throughout.

As a parent, this will be one you want to watch yourself to determine if your children are mature enough for it.

Run cast

Sarah Paulson plays the lead role of Diane Sherman, the mother who will do anything to keep her daughter safe. That includes chaining her daughter’s wheelchair to her room!

Kiera Allen is the daughter, Chloe Sherman. Something that is a positive sign of changes to the times is that Allen is a wheelchair-bound actress. The movie went for authentic casting. And the script isn’t there to make you feel sorry for her or for her to inform the able-bodied characters. She’s a complex character who will take you on her journey.

Run on Hulu trailer

Take a look at the thrilling trailer below:

Ratings for Run

What are people saying about Run on Hulu? It has a 98% score on Rotten Tomatoes right now from the critics. It is also Certified Fresh. There is no Audience Score at the time of writing since it hasn’t been watched yet!

This is certainly one to check out, though. The acting and writing have both been praised throughout the movie.

Run on Hulu is now available to stream.