Christmas 2020: Where to stream The Santa Clause online

Where is The Santa Clause streaming online for Christmas 2020?

Some Christmas movies never get old. The Santa Clause starring Tim Allen is one of them. Where can you stream The Santa Clause online?

Can you watch the Tim Allen Christmas movie on Netflix? What about Amazon Prime Video? There is only one place for this movie and the two sequels that you’ll need to follow on with.

Where to stream the Tim Allen movie

The Santa Clause is available to stream on Disney Plus. That makes the most sense considering it is a Disney movie, right?

Unlike a few Christmas movies last year, this one has been on the platform throughout the year. It’s available right now for you to watch with the family.

You can also follow on with the two sequels. Both are available on Disney Plus as you read this. Make it a family weekend of the best Christmas movies.

Rent or Buy The Santa Clause

Don’t have Disney Plus and not interested in getting it? You can still watch the popular Christmas movies this year. They are all available to rent or buy on Digital.

Go to Amazon Video, Vudu, and all your favorite digital retailers for each of the movies. When you rent, you’ll have 30 days to start streaming and once you start, you’ll have 24 hours to watch. If you buy, you get the movie for as long as the platform lasts.

It’s also possible to buy all the movies on DVD and Blu-ray. This is a great way to make sure you always have the best movies to watch with the family each Christmas.

Check out the trailer for the first movie below:

The Santa Clause is available to stream on Disney Plus right now.