Virgin River season 3: When will the new season premiere on Netflix?

Done binge-watching Virgin River on Netflix? Here’s what we know about Virgin River season 3.

If you ran to binge-watch Virgin River season 2 as soon as it dropped on Netflix, we are right there with you! After last season’s finale, we couldn’t wait to start watching Virgin River season 3.

In true Virgin River fashion, season 2 also left us in suspense. In fact, we are more anxious than ever before for new episodes! I won’t be diving into spoilers too deeply here, but if you are not caught up just yet, this is your one and only warning to leave the page.

Having said that, here is everything we know about season 3 of Virgin River on Netflix.

When is Virgin River season 3 premiering on Netflix?

Unfortunately, the streaming titan has not yet confirmed if a third season of the romantic drama is even happening. We are all hoping for it, but we can’t say for sure until Netflix gives us the official go.

Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to keep you posted! I just can’t see how there wouldn’t be a third season, though! Not with how things ended. Then again, Netflix didn’t hesitate to cancel Santa Clarita Diet, and that comedy left us with the cliffhangers of all cliffhangers. I’m still mad about it and I am pretty sure I always will be.

On the bright side, we may not have to wait long to hear some news. Virgin River was renewed for a second season shortly after its release, Good Housekeeping reminds us. If the case is the same, it shouldn’t be too long until we learn something.

Virgin River season 3 release date

Assuming a third season happens, it should arrive in late 2021, just as season 2 arrived in late 2020 and the first season before it. Don’t forget, it may take a little longer to film due to COVID-19, but we are patient fans!

Did you enjoy season 2? What do you hope to see in a new season?