Dear Santa: Where to stream the USPS Christmas documentary

US Postal Service (USPS) trucks (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)
US Postal Service (USPS) trucks (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images) /

An overview of Dear Santa, including where to stream the new USPS and IFC Films Christmas documentary when it debuts in early December

Ho, ho, ho. Christmas is on the way! And this holiday season so is Dear Santa. Later this week, the highly buzzed about and heartwarming USPS documentary will finally be streamable. So let’s get ready for its arrival and learn just a little bit more about what to expect. Shall we?

As noted by USA Today, Director Dana Nachman has wanted to make a documentary about the United States Postal Service’s Operation Santa program for a while. But the timing just wasn’t quite right.

Then in 2018, Nachman finally sent a “cold email” to the USPS press office with her pitch and plans. As the publication notes, they got back to her right away and agreed to allow Dana and her film crew “unprecedented” behind-the-scenes access, with one catch. According to USA Today, “there was one big rule: Don’t ruin Christmas for kids.”

What is Dear Santa about?

Put together by IFC Films, the documentary lets viewers get an extremely unique look into the United States Post Office letter program, “Operation Santa.” Dear Santa will show children writing letters to Santa Claus, the postal workers involved with sorting and categorizing those letters, and the good folks who actually go out and purchase the gifts children put on their list.

IMDB describes the plot as:

"‘Dear Santa’ shines a light on the 100-year-old ‘Operation Santa’ Program of the United States Postal Service. Each year, hundreds of thousands of letters to Santa arrive at Post Offices around the country. Through Operation Santa, the United States Postal Service makes it possible for the public to safely adopt these letters and make children’s dreams come true.The film invites audiences along for the magic of this massive endeavor. Traveling the country, much like Santa does on Christmas Eve, the film focuses on select ‘Operation Santa’ Centers: some in metropolitan areas like the massive operation in New York City and others in small towns where the Post Office is the heart of the community."

Where to stream Dear Santa

Ready to watch Christmas wishes come true? This holiday-themed documentary will be streamable via Video on Demand starting Dec. 4.

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