12 relaxing Netflix shows to help you de-stress

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Here are 12 relaxing Netflix shows for when you’re looking to de-stress

When I’m looking for a new show to watch, I usually jump to an ensemble show filled with action, mystery, drama, and lots of suspenseful plot twists. But like many other fans in 2020, I’m finding myself gravitating towards relaxing Netflix shows where I don’t find myself stressing about characters’ problems or yelling at the screen at the height of an intense scene. With so many things changing around us, TV has become more and more of an escape for pure entertainment and somewhat mindless viewing.

Streaming networks are finding that a majority of subscribers are navigating toward shows they’ve previously loved, along with well-known fan-favorite comedy shows they may now have the time to experience in full. Maybe you want to channel the joy you felt when you watched your favorite shows for the first time, or perhaps you want to share your top entertaining series with friends and family, there’s a reason certain shows are trending again — and de-stressing is a major factor.

Of course, not everyone will find the same genres of shows relaxing, but we’ve put together a list of comedies and unscripted series that are often described by fans as helping them de-stress, and all of them are available to stream on Netflix.

No supernatural villains, complicated bank heists, murderous antagonists, or suspenseful action sequences in this list! Whether it’s the characters, storyline, narrator, or cinematographic landscapes and visuals, we’ve got de-stressing options that offer an escape for everyone.

Just 12 relaxing Netflix shows to help you de-stress and be entertained.

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