Who should play the X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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X-Men Apocalypse team. Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox.

Will these mutants of tomorrow match the X-Men of yesteryear?

Ever since Disney absorbed Fox into its seemingly endless entertainment empire, numerous questions have surfaced surrounding the studio’s IPs. Chief among comic book fans is this: what about the X-Men?

Marvel sold the film rights to these mutant heroes in the ‘90s, leading Fox to start its own X-Men film series in 2000. When Marvel began its own Avengers franchise with 2008’s Iron Man, it was unable to use previously-sold properties like X-Men and Spider-Man for big-screen team-ups.

Now that Disney has merged with both Marvel and Fox, however, the plan is to redo the X-Men within the Avengers universe.

Naturally, viewers are wondering who will play this group of superpowered outcasts. Whomever they are, they have pretty big shoes to fill. The casting for many X-Men, especially in the original trilogy, was nigh on perfect. From Hugh Jackman as Wolverine to Famke Janssen as Jean Grey to Kelsey Grammer as Beast, everyone fit his/her role to a tee. It was spot-on casting of the same caliber as The Lord of the Rings.

Nevertheless, against my better judgment, here are a few suggestions for who should make up this new team. You’ll notice that most of these picks are TV actors. However, that might be appropriate. After all, this could wind up as a Disney Plus series like several other Marvel superhero adaptations at this point.

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