Rocket Around the XMas Tree sneak peek: Can you turn a Christmas tree into a rocket?

Teams face off to create the perfect Christmas tree rocket on Rocket Around the XMas Tree

Who said being a rocket scientist was boring? It certainly isn’t just as Rocket Around the XMas Tree is going to show.

The new series, which premiered last week, on Discovery is going to bring plenty of festive cheer with a rocket scientist twist. Three teams of rocket scientists will work together to turn Christmas trees into rockets.

Yes, literally.

You’ve seen SpaceX and NASA team up get space exploration back to the forefront of everyone’s minds. Now it’s time to see just how inventive that can be. Who would have thought a Christmas tree would be for more than just decorating.

Rocket Around the XMas Tree sneak peek

Thanks to our friends at Discovery, we have a sneak peek of the second episode, airing on Thursday, Dec. 10 at 10/9c.

It’s a chance to meet one of the teams, a husband and wife duo who have each others’ back through everything. While one works on the structure, the other works on the propulsion. Together, you get a rocket.

Something we learn in the sneak peek below is that the two are currently working on creating the world’s largest rocket. They live together and work together. Creating a rocket out of a Christmas tree shouldn’t be all that difficult, right? And it doesn’t have to look pretty, does it?

Hey, at least it looks like a rocket!

Check out the clip below:

Oh, and these Christmas tree rockets need to take off. They’ll be blasted from the center of Christmas Town to help Santa on his merry way. If they don’t work, the teams are put on the naughty list. They better watch out, and they better not cry! No pouting allowed.

Rocket Around the XMas Tree airs Thursdays at 10/9c on Discovery.