The Masked Singer Season 4 finale: Unmasking the final three

The Final Three took to the stage in The Masked Singer Season 4 finale

There are spoilers from The Masked Singer Season 4 finale in this post.

It was the night we’d all been waiting for. The Final Three took to the stage on The Masked Singer Season 4 finale.

We finally got to see who was under Mushroom, Pink Crocodile, and Sun. We also got to see the winner crowned, along with the panelist who would win the new Golden Ear Trophy.

The Golden Ear Trophy

Let’s start with the new trophy to win. The panelists went head-to-head with their first impression guesses. Each panelist had to write their first impressions down and those guesses would be locked away in the vault.

Even if the panelists guessed the celebrity right in the end, it was only the guesses written down that counted.

Jenny McCarthy was the one to walk away with that trophy.

Unmasking the three celebrities on The Masked Singer Season 4 finale

Pink Crocodile came third during the night, which meant he was the first to be unmasked. This was the one we already felt we knew from the beginning, and the guess was right.

Nick Carter was under the Pink Crocodile mask.

Mushroom came second during the night. This was the celebrity who was the hardest to guess, but we finally got to find out who was underneath.

Singer-songwriter and record producer Aloe Blacc was under the mask. Did you get him right?

And then it came to the winner of The Masked Singer Season 4. Sun had been a strong contestant from the very beginning. For a while, the clue packages pointed to Christina Aguilera but after a while, they didn’t match and then the voice didn’t match either.

After claiming the Golden Mask Trophy, we finally found out who was under the mask. It was Leanne Rhimes.

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The Masked Singer Season 4 is available to stream on Hulu.