Virgin River Season 3 release date, cast, synopsis, trailer and more

Everything you need to know about Virgin River Season 3

After going underrated for its first season, the Netflix original drama series Virgin River debuted its second season and finally got its due. If you have binge-watched both seasons, then you’re eagerly anticipating news on a potential third season. Naturally, Season 2 ended on not one but two cliffhangers, and fans will be hungry for answers to their burning questions.

The hit Netflix drama, which is based on the series of books by Robyn Carr, stars American Horror Story and This Is Us vet Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel Monore. Looking for a fresh start away from the pain in her past, the midwife and nurse practitioner moves to the remote Northern California small town, where she quickly assimilates into the close-knit community. But in the potential third season, Mel’s life will get even more complicated.

For more details on the Season 3 release date, cast, synopsis, and more, continue reading to learn everything you need to know about the upcoming new episodes!

Update (Dec. 18): Virgin River Season 3 is confirmed.

Virgin River Season 3 release date

Currently, Netflix has not officially renewed Virgin River for another season, which makes estimating the release date for Season 3 a little difficult. Although with production back up and running for many shows, we shouldn’t see much of a delay should the series land its likely renewal.

The first two seasons premiered in early December and late November respectively, and there’s no reason why Netflix should end the holiday-adjacent release date. Keep a spot open for Season 3 in your watch list in November/December 2021. Since that’s still a long wait, here are some similar movies and shows to keep you company.

Virgin River Season 3 cast

Without giving anything away from the second season and its finale, we should expect the entire main cast to return for future seasons. Breckenridge will certainly be back as Mel in the leading role, and Martin Henderson, Colin Lawrence, Lauren Hammersley, Annette O’Toole, and Tim Matheson will also return to their roles.

Benjamin Hollingsworth and Grayson Gurnsey were promoted to regulars in Season 2, and Sarah Dugsdale was introduced to the main cast. Each is expected to return, but there’s no news on any additional promotions or new guest stars. (Maybe Dynasty star Liz Gillies will get her wish and play a bartender?)

Virgin River Season 3 synopsis

The official Season 3 synopsis hasn’t been released by Netflix, and we shouldn’t look forward to hearing any official details until the season wraps filming. However, after watching the Season 2 finale, fans should batten down the hatches for a dramatic start to the potential third season. Here’s your first and only spoiler warning!

In the Season 2 finale, Mel found Jack lying behind the bar, having been shot. But why who? We’ll spare that detail in the name of not spoiling everything. There are also the lingering questions about Charmaine and Jack’s twins and what the future will hold for their budding family. Meanwhile, on the way to celebrate their remarriage, Hope and Doc will need to prepare for some bad news about Doc’s health.

Virgin River Season 3 trailer

The trailer for Season 3 has not been released yet since the season hasn’t been announced and the episodes have not started filming. Expect to catch a first look of the new season from Netflix closer to the release date sometime next year. We’ll share any sneak peeks and clips of Season 3 the streamer offers as soon as they become available.

We’ll let you know more about Season 3 when further announcements about a renewal and production details become available. Stay tuned for more information about the new season of the Netflix hit drama series. What are you hoping to see in the future for Mel, Jack, and the rest of the characters? Share your thoughts, hopes, and predictions in the comments!

Virgin River Season 1 and 2 are available to stream on Netflix.