Ancient Aliens: Does The Lost Kingdom of Shambhala exist?

Ancient Aliens, Photo by Mason Poole/HISTORY
Ancient Aliens, Photo by Mason Poole/HISTORY /

Ancient Aliens: Did aliens once live in The Lost Kingdom of Shambhala?

Ancient Aliens started off this season by mentioning the number twelve enough to be accepted into the Epstein Island mailing distro. Not a strong start. Great content for a conspiracy theory show, but nearly no connection to aliens.

This episode, however, is drastically different. Tibetan traditions say there used to be a kingdom of gods called Shambhala high in the Himalayan Mountains. Given the inaccessibility, an aura of mystery already exists. Will Ancient Aliens tie enough pieces together to stake a convincing claim?

Tibet tourism pitch

Let’s start off with the Frommer’s Travel Guide to Tibet. On the Northern side of the Himalayas, it’s like a gateway to another realm, with over 3-million people, and the storied Mt. Everest standing as a beacon of greatness closer to the gods than anywhere on the planet.

Sometimes called the land of gods, Tibet is home to a native Tibetan religion called Bon or Bon po, with stories of demons and exorcisms and magic, and directly connects to Buddhism. Together, they coalesce into Tibetan Buddhism, probably most famous for the Buddha and the Dalai Lama.

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Conveniently enough, some Tibetan people believe there are humans across the universe, similar to the 9ft. Buddhas statues with blue skin and arms that reach to the knees.

Is there something in the Himalayas?

So do these blue aliens exist in Shambhala? First and foremost, the Guge kingdom of the 10th Century provides an odd connection. These ancient ruins are in the Ngari Prefecture and exist at about 12,000ft, where roughly 100k vanished. Many Tibetan residents believe the disappearance links to caves and tunnels carved deep into the Earth, perhaps leading to Shambhala or Mount Kailash.

There are three connections here. First, some ancient texts say Shambhala can be found behind/under/within Mount Kailash. Second, the number of UFO sightings at this location is significant, the earliest reported being a “flying oval” noticed by Nicholas Roerich in 1927. Third, there are many stupas (sacred monuments at Guge and surrounding countries), dome-shaped and resembling spaceships, some with fire and smoke carved at the bottom.

Believers & Mystics

Semi-connected to this theory are three different figures.

First is Madam Helena Blavatsky, a Russian mystic and philosopher who wrote “The Secret Doctrine” and founded the Theosophical Society. Both her book and society derive from a mahatma (i.e. great soul, Koot Hoomi) who telepathically manifested himself into her NYC apartment and told her about Atlantis, Lemuria, DB Cooper, and that leprechaun in Memphis.

Next is Aleister Crowley, a NY occultist/magician in the early 1900s who founded his own religion and conveniently declared himself its prophet. Apparently, this con-man conducted rituals called “The Amalantrah Workings” where he was allegedly contacted by a deity named Lam via an interdimensional portal. The odd part? A sketch of Lam looks just like the common gray alien sketch.

Last but not least, the Nazis. It’s always Nazis on Ancient Aliens. This time it’s German zoologist Ernst Schafer leading a 1938 expedition into Tibet to find Shambhala. The end result was nothing more than a mysterious, 22lb. iron statue with swastika-emblazoned clothing. This “Iron Man” was later studied by geologists in Stuttgart, revealing connections to the Chinga Meteorite, and composition other than iron. We’ve seen this before.

Why can’t anyone find Shambhala, or Yeti?

There are old Nepalese stories of wild men that guarded Olmo Lung Ring (i.e. Shambhala). They were aggressive towards humans and elusive. English Himalayan mountaineer Eric Shipton reported seeing giant footprints at 19k feet on Mt. Everest, and following them to a dead-end glacier. To be blunt, it’s Yeti.

Along the way to Mt. Kailash is Roopkund Lake, where the remains of 600 bodies exist. DNA sampling reveals the remains are from over a course of 1,000 years, many of which with unhealed compression fractures on the head. In other words, people smashed by Yeti.

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As always, Ancient Aliens throws in a few tidbits at the end like a college student padding citations. This time it’s the Lama Thubser, his body turning into light, related biophotons being greater in those meditating than not (i.e. enlightenment), and a picture of him shrunken to the size of Warwick Davis.

So it all comes down to blue Buddha statues, disappearing societies, ancient legends, UFO sightings, Yeti, a few mystics, and nothing resembling sonar into the mountain. You can do better, Ancient Aliens.