Sir David Jason reveals his ‘annoyance’ at a particular type of celebrity

Sir David Jason is certainly a household name for movie and TV fans in the UK, having starred in one of the biggest comedy shows ever. Only Fools and Horses ran from 1981 to 2003 through seasons and holiday specials, and Jason did a great job portraying Derek ‘Del Boy’ Trotter for all those years.

The 80-year-old actor, who more recently has been lending his voice for the animated series Pip Ahoy!, is not a stranger to growing up in the spotlight, and has previously shared advice for stars who are up and coming. Last year, David Jason said he wanted to mentor Love Island contestants who become celebrities overnight.

And now, Jason is speaking out again on celebrities these days, however he’s not shining them in a positive light. To ring in the New Year, he made a virtual appearance on ITV’s Lorraine, where he revealed which celebrities really make his skin crawl.

As reported by Daily Star, the A Touch of Frost alum explained that he gets annoyed by “out of touch” stars, adding:

There are some people especially in our business that get a little touch of fame and it seems to affect their brain somehow. And they think that they are elevated into being something special, something more than human if you like. And that annoys me immensely because they forget that without the team, they wouldn’t even be on television.

Lorraine Kelly was sure to praise the famous actor, telling him, “The thing about you is no one has got a bad word to say about you.”

We’re not sure what David Jason has up his sleeve for 2021, but it certainly isn’t a reboot of Only Fools and Horses. Recently, the London native shut down the possibility of revisiting the iconic BBC One show, stating:

No, no, no, the writing would be the same, but also don’t forget, one of my flags that I like to wave, is that it’s a team effort, and it’s not just the character of Del and Rodney, and Uncle Albert, or Grandad, as it were. But it was all the other peripheral characters, you know, Boycie, Marlene and all of those, how beautifully played they all were. You’re hard-pressed to replace all those characters who have endeared themselves into the heart of your audience today. So it would be a very dangerous journey to take, so my answer to that is, don’t try.

If you’re missing Jason in action, however, you can pick up his latest book. A Del of a Life: Lessons I’ve Learned is officially out, and you can purchase it on Amazon here.

Whether David Jason is giving out advice or complaining, we’re here to listen!