The Outpost Season 3, Episode 13: What happened to Gwynn?

The Outpost on the CW Photo:Aleksandar Letic, via CW
The Outpost on the CW Photo:Aleksandar Letic, via CW /

The Outpost has aired its Season 3 finale, but what happened to Gwynn?

Okay, fellow Blackbloods, the Season 3 finale of The Outpost has aired on The CW and it was a lot to take in. With Yavalla’s horde having infiltrated The Outpost our gang is in for the fight of their lives.

Last week saw the death of Baron Tobin Aegisford and that was only a precursor to this finale. There were battles and reunions and losses and more. It was a roller coaster ride from start to finish.

The biggest shock of the episode was the fate of Gwynn, aka Queen Rosmund. So let’s discuss and break down the tragic fate of our queen.

Gwynn’s tragic choice

When Talon, Zed, and Wren located Talon’s father with the Black Kinj in the Plane of Ashes it seemed like their prayers might be answered. His Kinj allows him to kill anything he touches so they plan to bring back Talon’s father so he can defeat Yavalla and all of this would finally be over. Except for one catch, The Black Kinj and The White Kinj would destroy each other and their hosts, so Talon’s father would die.

Meanwhile back at The Outpost Gwynn and her remaining uninfected allies are struggling to hold off Yavalla’s horde but it isn’t going well. Falista tries to protect the queen to honor Tobin’s dying wish, and while her display of power was truly impressive it wasn’t enough. She takes out a large number of Yavalla’s followers but she is overcome herself and shot by an arrow.

It only gets worse from there as slowly all of their allies including Garret, Janzo, and Wren are infected and join Yavalla’s side in the battle. Janzo even smashes Falista over the head with a rock so that she cannot help them.

I personally screamed at my TV when Garret was infected because that man just started healing from the last time he was brainwashed, give him a break! In the end, it comes down to Talon and Gwynn against all of Yavalla’s horde.

Yavalla sends her Lu-Qiri after them and he throws a metal spear straight into Talon’s father, rendering him unable to move and therefore unable to defeat Yavalla. Thankfully we see the awaited return of Xaba, Talon’s new Lu-Qiri, who assists them by distracting Yavalla’s Lu-Qiri and chasing him away.

But even with their combined strength Talon and Gwynn are unable to free Talon’s father. Talon offers to take the Black Kinj into herself but she already has the Asterkinj so she cannot take it. So Gwynn chooses to make the ultimate sacrifice and takes the Black Kinj into herself, essentially sentencing herself to death. Sadly this also means Talon’s father died, before Talon even got a chance to really know him. It seems like no one on this show can ever catch a break.

Talon is horrified but there is no other option now. She clears a path for Gwynn and Gwynn vaults herself towards Yavalla and when she touches her both of them are destroyed. The people Yavalla infected are freed but at a high price, the queen of the realm has perished and her body disintegrated.

On the heels of the death of Tobin last episode, Gwynn’s loss really hurts. At least we can hope they will be reunited in some sort of afterlife now. But losing a character who has been with us since the beginning is always hard. Especially a character who was so well loved. She was our queen. And in the end she did exactly what she promised, she fought til the end and did what was best for her people.

Thanks to Gwynn’s sacrifice Janzo is back to himself and able to help Falista, so at least she will live to see another day. I hope she will play a big part in the next season as she’s quickly becoming one of the most interesting new characters they’ve added. Plus, as a distant relation to Gwynn could she possibly be in line for the throne at some point? The Outpost has chosen Talon as their new leader for now and everyone bowed down to her (Go Talon!), but who can say what will happen down the line.

The last twist in the episode came after The White Kinj and The Black Kinj destroyed each other. We saw both of them float away and go into entities that honestly remind me of the Night King from Game of Thrones. Since Two ominously announced that they released the gods I guess these are Blackblood gods?

Let’s just say they don’t exactly look friendly, so I imagine they’re going to be the new big bad of the next season. Or perhaps they hold the key to bringing back characters we’ve loved and lost. We can only hope.

Overall, The Outpost gave us one of the best season finales I’ve seen in a while. There were battles and action as well as emotional beats and losses that made you want cry. There was also a tantalizing tease for the next season. What more could we ask? The Outpost gets better and better each episode so I can only imagine how fantastic the next season will be and I can’t wait.

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What did you think of the Season 3 finale of The Outpost? Were you sad about Gwynn’s fate? Let us know!

The Outpost will return later this year for Season 4 on The CW.