Must-see Netflix movies and shows this week, January 10

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Netflix movies

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These are the top must-see Netflix movies and shows this week, beginning January 10.

Searching for a few entertaining Netflix movies or shows to fill your week? We’ve got several options for you! In the following slides, we list the top movies and shows to add to your list.

It may be the first month of the new year, but the streaming titan Netflix wants to be sure all streaming services know it continues to be the king! How so? by dishing out some great content, of course.

The film Pieces of a Womanwhich premiered earlier this month, has already been praised by critics, despite Shia Labeouf’s involvement due to recent controversy surrounding the star. And Cobra Kai season 3 is arguably its best season yet.

Which movie or show has been capturing all your attention so far this month? Are you waiting on a specific movie? What about when it comes to other streaming services?

Netflix movies and shows to stream

Yes, I’m hurt that The Office is no longer part of the Netflix family, but I have a feeling Netflix will more than make up for that. And as great as the movies on HBO Max are or how much we’re looking forward to watching WandaVision on Disney Plus,  no one can beat the variety of content that Netflix offers.

Well, at least not yet!  It’s a new year and each streaming service will be rolling out a new plan to beat competitors. This should be an interesting year in streaming wars.

Check out the following quick list of Netflix shows and movies to stream this week, beginning Monday, Jan. 4. And be sure to let us know if you believe we missed any fun upcoming releases.

For now, let’s take it one week at a time and check out what’s available to stream beginning Monday, Jan. 11. We’ll start with shows…

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