Kailyn Lowry reacts after she’s told she’s too old for Teen Mom

Is Kailyn Lowry “too old” for Teen Mom? Some people online seem to think so. And recently, a few fans of the MTV show have been calling out Kail (and the veteran cast as a whole) for not fitting the criteria to be a Teen Mom 2 cast member.

According to Heavy, the 28-year-old is clapping back at those claims.

On her podcast Coffee Convos, Kailyn discussed the situation with her co-host Lindsie Chrisley. As noted by Heavy, the reality star acknowledged that it was and is “annoying” to be on a reality series called Teen Mom when she’s no longer a teen mother in reality. However, Lowry also claimed that the title is still “appropriate” 10 years later. Because according to the mom-of-four, the journey of teen motherhood isn’t something that goes away as she gets older.

As the publication notes, one recent comment regarding her age and the series caught Kailyn’s eye on social media. She revealed of the situation, “There was a comment yesterday on somebody’s Instagram and it was like, ‘These girls are almost 30, get them off TV’ or whatever.” Compelled to respond, Kailyn Lowry said she “actually commented back” in an effort to squash the discussion.

Noted by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Kailyn explained that she responded by saying that teen motherhood, “doesn’t just stop when you turn 20. There’s the aftermath. There’s so much more of a story that goes on after you become a teen parent.”

Kailyn Lowry went on to claim that while the experience of being a teen mom “doesn’t define” her, there’s “so much more” to today’s narrative related to having been a teenage mother. The reality star explained, “Even beyond those teen years, there’s so much more.… there’s so much more to be said; there’s still so much story to be told.” And no one is doubting that part.

No matter how much of the story is left to be told, the real question fans seem to be leading towards is: How much longer will Teen Mom focus on the cast members who’ve long shaped the series rather than the title topic? And if it’s no longer about teen motherhood for cast members like Kailyn Lowry, maybe it’s time for another spinoff!