Trickster series premiere: Is Maggie suffering from PTSD?

Is the opening a clue to Maggie’s mental health issues on Trickster?

The Trickster series premiere introduced us to the main characters on the series. One of those is Maggie, Jared’s mom. She’s a drug addict with some undiagnosed some mental health issues, which could link back to that opening scene.

Like many supernatural shows, the opening moments was all about the mythological creature that we’ll learn more about throughout the series. This creature is a Trickster, a creature that is known as a mischievous being in Indigenous lore.

It turns out this creature has something up his sleeve. The beginning of the series premiere sees Maggie chase him through the woods with her baby. She’s screaming for her baby back, but the man just looks at her and his eyes flash back to normal. We then cut to the present day.

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Is Maggie using to forget on Trickster?

Maggie explains in the episode that she gave birth to Jared in the back of her truck. She was alone at the time, which would suggest why nobody was with her when she chased the creature through the woods to get her baby back.

An event like that is going to be difficult to forget. It’s going to leave a mark on her mentally, and we have no idea yet what actually happened to the baby, who we assume was Jared.

This is something she has to live with in silence. And maybe she did try to tell someone at first, but who would believe something like that? She would have been left with this traumatic experience alone, and many people turn to drink and drugs to deal with traumatic experiences.

Maggie is clearly hiding something. She’s trying to escape from the past, and this is a storyline that is sure to come out throughout the six-episode season.

What do you think the trickster wanted with Jared as a baby? Will Maggie get the help she clearly needs? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Trickster airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.