Two Sentence Horror Stories season 2, episode 1 and episode 2: Preview and how to watch

Here’s how to watch the double-episode premiere of Two Sentence Horror Stories, whether you have cable or not!

CW‘s chilling series Two Sentence Horror Stories returns tonight to capture all your attention — and fears. Below, we share all you need to know so you don’t miss a minute of the horror!

Two Sentence Horror Stories is back with more episodes, premiering its second season tonight, Jan. 12, with two back-to-back episodes: Episode 1, titled, “Bag Man,”  and episode 2, titled, “Elliot.”

What we loved most last season is how real the horror series keeps things. I’m not talking so much about the horror, but the cast. Two Sentence Horror Stories (and the CW, for that matter) truly champions diversity.

The cast is diverse and real people, not models, are featured in each! This is very refreshing to see, and something very needed these days. I’m happy to report, after screening tonight’s episodes, that this stays true in season 2.

Two Sentence Horror Stories season 2, episode 1 synopsis

“Bag Man” kicks off season 2, the episode follows five high school students serving detention. They don’t all get along, but they’ll have to work together to escape detention alive after they fall prey to a monster.

Two Sentence Horror Stories season 2, episode 2 synopsis

Episode 2 is titled “Elliot,” who is the center of the story. Elliot is a transmasculine student who is bullied nonstop, and tired of it. So when he meets a sketchy janitor who promises to help, Elliot jumps at the chance. But be careful what you wish for.

How to watch Two Sentence Horror Stories

Date: Tuesday, Jan. 12
Start Time: 8 p.m. ET for episode 1 and 8:30 p.m. for episode 2
Episodes: Season 2, episode 1 “Bag Man” and Season 2, episode 2 “Elliot”
Network: CW
Where to watch: Watch on The CW online | YouTube live | MORE

Will you be watching the horror series tonight or catch the episodes later?