What we learned about Randall’s birth mother on This Is Us Season 5, Episode 6

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This Is Us

THIS IS US — “Birth Mother” Episode 506 — Pictured in this screen grab: Jennifer C. Holmes as Laurel — (Photo by: NBC)

Here’s what we learned about Laurel on This Is Us Season 5, Episode 6.

The mystery of Laurel’s life would get solved on This Is Us Season 5, Episode 6.

This emotional journey began on the last episode when Randall received an email through the City Council website from Hai Lang, a man from New Orleans who claimed to have known Randall’s birth mother, Laurel, and been at her deathbed in 2015.

Having been told by William that Laurel had died shortly after giving birth to him, Randall got taken aback by this revelation. Although he initially chose to let sleeping dogs lie, he eventually gave Hai a call.

During their conversation, Hai said that he wished Randall could see the places that his mother lived. To this, Randall accepted the unofficial invitation. Upon arriving in New Orleans, Randall finally got the answers he never knew he was searching for. Let’s talk about what he learned on the latest episode of This Is Us.

1. Laurel was the daughter of a preacher man

Laurel DuBois was born the daughter of a New Orleans banker and preacher, an intimidating man who seemed especially hard on Laurel.

Laurel wouldn’t appear to be close to anyone except her older brother Jackson and her Aunt Mae, a woman her father forbade her from seeing, an order that she would frequently disobey.

Unfortunately, Jackson eventually got sent to fight in the Vietnam War, where he was killed.

While trying to grieve, Laurel sought out the counsel of Aunt Mae, who would tell her that God couldn’t take her pain away if she couldn’t let it go. She would then take her out to the lake behind her house, and Laurel got in and swam to the middle of it before letting out a blood-curdling scream. Her scream would end up attracting the attention of Hai, then a refugee from Vietnam whose family got placed in New Orleans after the war thanks to the church.

Although he would come to her rescue, Laurel would shoo him off. A few days later, she’d run into him at the farmer’s market, and after an awkward exchange, Hai asked her out.

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