Netflix must renew Best Leftovers Ever for season 2

Best Leftovers Ever might be a new Netflix original but it needs to be renewed already.

2020 might have been a crappy year, but it gave us a lot of great TV. Before the year ended though, there was one Netflix original that flew under the radar. While Netflix is known for a lot of its cooking shows, Best Leftovers Ever is one of the most unique on the streaming service. The only downside to the series is that it’s only eight episodes long.

With each episode of the series being around 35 minutes, it was a pretty quick watch. While the premise might seem a little off-the-wall, the series is an absolute delight. Hosted by Jackie Tohn who is joined by David So and Rosemary Shrager as fellow judges, the series is exactly as it sounds like. The show is all about taking old leftovers and making them into a new and completely unique dish.

As far as Netflix shows go, this one probably isn’t as beloved as the others. Nevertheless, the show is still a lot of fun. Despite it not having a larger following, it has proven that eight episodes aren’t enough. It’s time for Netflix to hand down another season or add more episodes to the current season. While it’ll be a while before it happens, Best Leftovers Ever deserves to be renewed as soon as possible.

Let’s get into the reasons why Best Leftovers Ever deserves reheating in 2021.

Starting things off, the concept for Best Leftovers Ever is incredibly fun. Most of the time, people are quick to get rid of their leftovers. Here, we really get a chance to see how much leftovers can be transformed.

The first round always deals with leftovers from an event of some sort whether it’s a birthday party, game day, or taking a bland food and making it flavorful. Either way, the concept for this series is very unique and makes for good TV.

Secondly, the series doesn’t feel as cutthroat as the other cooking competition shows. In particular, the judges are actually helpful to the contestants. They give good feedback so the chefs can improve in the second round.

While Jackie isn’t a chef, she usually has pretty good commentary whether it’s about the contestant or their food. As far as judges go, David So and Rosemary Shrager do an excellent job.

Best Leftovers Ever also features some pretty unique dishes. It’s fun to watch what the chefs can come up with. For the second round, the chefs are given a different flavor of takeout and have to make it into something completely different.

Watching how the chefs’ minds work and seeing what they come up with is truly amazing. Some cooking shows can feel a little basic in that regard, but Best Leftovers Ever manages to break the mold in that regard.

Last but certainly not least, Best Leftovers Ever might be the perfect motivation to get you to try something different with leftovers. After watching the show, it could be exactly the inspiration to finally get rid of your leftovers in a new way.

Nevertheless, Netflix had a brilliant idea when they decided to feature this show and it’s one of the few good things to come out of 2020.

Best Leftovers Ever is currently streaming on Netflix. 

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