Amber Portwood gets restraining order against Andrew Glennon, wants to fight for son back

Amber Portwood is “ready to fight,” reports E! News.

According to the publication, Portwood was recently granted a restraining order against her ex, Andrew Glennon. Allegedly, Glennon refused to let her see their two-year-old son James, which goes against what they legally agreed to. E! News says that the purpose of Amber’s restraining order is to prevent any further interference with her parenting time.

Currently, the exes share joint legal custody and Glennon maintains primary physical custody for the time being. The latest custody arrangement came to be after the Teen Mom OG star pleaded guilty to domestic violence after an alleged 2019 assault on Glennon.

After obtaining this restraining order, a source for the publication says Amber Portwood is officially “ready to fight” for her son. The source goes on to reveal that Amber is “in a much better place” than she was at the time of the assault and its lengthy legal aftermath, explaining, “She’s ready to fight for her son and get her life back. This legal situation is a setback of course but she wants to continue on a positive path.”

In an official court document obtained by The Sun, Portwood and her legal team claim that her ex, “has failed to comply with this court’s order to initiate the services of the Parenting Time Coordinator and [Andrew] is again attempting to deny [Amber] holiday parenting time over Christmas vacation, in violation of this Court’s Order.”

According to the controversial reality star, Christmas wasn’t the only time Andrew refused to let her see their son, but instead, it was the final straw. As noted by E! News, Amber Portwood is now requesting that her ex be held in contempt of court for “failing to follow their court-ordered custody schedule,” but the case is still pending.

On top of the restraining order, Amber’s asking that she be given back the time that was lost with her son and that Andrew pay her attorney fees.

For Andrew, these new charges could potentially result in jail time and some hefty fines. For the sake of all involved (especially their little one), let’s hope these two can resolve their issues more amicably at their upcoming hearing later this month.