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Jared meets a man who claims to be his father on Trickster Season 1, Episode 2

Jared tries to ignore the weird things happening, but that’s easier said than done. Here’s how to watch Trickster Season 1, Episode 2 live online.

In the first episode, we got to know the various main characters. Jared is the most important right now. He’s the one that has a connection to a supernatural creature on the series, so we had to get to know as much about him as possible on the first episode.

He’s one of those characters with plenty of flaws, but he does bad things for good reasons. He just wants to keep his family afloat, and he’s surrounded by adults who don’t help him at all. That doesn’t mean he’s in the right, but it is understandable how he’s ended up in the situation he’s in.

The events of the premiere have led to Richie invading his home. His mom and Richie came to an “agreement” on how to deal with her drug debt, but it’s not something that Jared is going to like. If only that’s all he needs to deal with.

Wade claims to be his real father on Trickster Season 1, Episode 2

Wade, played by Kalani Queypo, turns up during the episode. He has some shocking news for Jared, sharing that he is Jared’s real father.

All his life, Jared has thought his dad is his dad. There doesn’t seem to be any reason not to believe that. However, the revelation from Wade has Jared questioning everything, and he wants his mom to be honest with him.

What did happen on that fateful night 16 years ago?

Check out the synopsis for Trickster Season 1, Episode 2 below:

While trying to ignore increasingly weird happenings and with Richie (Joel Thomas Hynes) invading his home, Jared (Joel Oulette) experiences an even bigger upset when he meets Wade (Kalani Queypo), who claims to be his real father.

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