Billy Connolly’s tattoo dedicated to wife Pamela revealed after he gets COVID-19 vaccine

Who knew Billy Connolly was such a softy?! The famed UK comedian was fortunate enough to receive his first COVID-19 vaccine shot, and when his wife Pamela shared the news to social media, she also revealed something very special.

As fans of the 78-year-old Scottish star know, Connolly was unfortunately diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease back in 2013 and has since announced his retirement from stand-up comedy. The fan-favorite has thankfully given multiple interviews throughout the years explaining how he’s doing and giving everyone an update on his illness. It’s so sad that Billy Connolly is going through this, and of course, we wish him all the best.

Needless to say, fans are very happy that the comedian was able to start getting the COVID-19 vaccine. According to the Mirror, Connolly’s wife, Pamela Stephenson, took to Twitter this week to tell her followers, “Thank God… Billy had his first Covid vaccine today!” Alongside the announcement, she also attached a photo of her husband all bandaged up after receiving the first shot.

Below the bandage, you can see a tattoo on Connolly’s arm showing a bird and a heart, with the text inside the heart reading, “Pamela,” along with a date. Of course, we can assume that this is in tribute to Pamela Stephenson, and a few fans couldn’t help but notice the sweet gesture.

The tweet, which currently has 1,2000 retweets and counting, can be seen below.

Stephenson received responses such as, “Give him my love, he is the most amazing ambassador that Scotland has ever had, he is just a gem. Take care,” and “Keep that man safe! Kept me going through some dark times. Legend.”

We’re very happy to know that Billy Connolly was able to get his first batch of the COVID-19 vaccine, and wish him, Stephenson, and his whole family good health.